Friday, April 30, 2010

♥ New Frankens ♥

above, my new frankens 3 thin coats each

Yippee - I whipped up a tonne of Frankens earlier in the week, They all turned out awesome and here is the first batch. I don't think I would purchase polish's in this colour family, so I made little mini batches. and even though I have worn all three of these this week, I cannot foresee myself  falling in love with these shades of green. The finish though, these little flecks courtesy of the Claire's Yellow Brick Road, is soooooooo cool.

Below are the polish I used to create these, Claire's Matte Cobalt and Claire's Yellow Brick Road. Claire's Matte Cobalt is an awesome rich blue, two coats and dried super- duper fast ( no manicure pic's sorry! ) while Yellow Brick Road needs almost 5 coats. I will try this polish again layered over a stark white.....

So this is what I started out with. I filled each bottle 1/2  way with the Yellow Brick Road, then ......

The first bottle got 5 drops, the second bottle got 10 drops, and the third got 16 ( it was supposed to be 15) and this is what resulted. I love the finish on these. The Claire's polish really added alot to these weird green colours. I wish I had another bottle of Yellow Brick Road to create some other neat polish's with this finish..... On it's own this polish 'Yellow Brick Road' is very sheer; I think when I wore it alone I needed almost 5 coats. It definitely needs to be layered over something else.

L to R - Cliche Green, Hulk 1 and Hulk 2

Don't worry the Icing polish's that were in these bottle were Y.U.C.K.Y. and were put to better use. I poured them into another bottle and rinsed out these lil' bottles with acetone. But I have to add that the bottle form the Dollarama in Canada are Fabulous!!!!!!! I will be adding a bunch of photos of the frankens I made with them on Monday, along with some notes..... here is a little teaser photo......

Anyhoo, here is a few skittles as well as the darkest green I call Hulk 2............

L to R - Hulk 2, Cliche Green, Hulk 1, and Cliche Green again ( no T.C. )

Thumb, Middle & Pinky = Cliche Green
INDEX Hulk 2 ( darkest )
RING = Hulk 1

Below is a few photos of Hulk 2, with only 1 coat of T.C. I love how these tiny little flecks can be seen in all the franken polish's I made with Claire's 'Yellow Brick Road'



Fluorescent No Top Coat, this ended up with a nice suede/satin like finish



Have a Lovely Friday Night


Rebecca said...

I really love all the shimmer in these.

Susie said...

Looks like great fun. They are great.
Can I come over and play? I've never done this before. :)

cucumpear said...

Those frankens are fab, I love how they turned out.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Really nice!

nihrida said...

Would you stop torturing me with your gorgeous frankens already! =)

sexy mutha pucka said...

Looks super pretty! :^)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Rebecca - Thanks - it's really neat.

♥ susies1955 - making Franken polish is so much fun, I am 94% happy with all the ones I have made.

♥ CucumPear - Thanks - I am happy with how they turned out.

♥ Another Bottle of Polish - Thanks!

♥ nihrida - Thanks Nihrida- you have made some awesome frankens, too

♥ sexy mutha pucka - Thanks - Luv your name.

Sandra said...

where did you get those empty nail polish bottles and what do you put in them ?

Aly said...

I love the different greens you made!! And the empty bottles made me so envious (I actually purchase awful cheap polishes to recover bottles for my frankens)!!!