Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nail Board things......

 I really, really wish I could have found something like this made already. I know nail wheels are awesome, but I like color swatches lined up in a row much better.

hot glue gun glue is hot 

♥ That should be name for one of my franken polish's.....just be careful whenever you use it ♥

Also if you decide to do this, and buy dollar store nails, make sure they are okay to polish, some cheap dollar store nails are NOT GOOD and will wrinkle and pucker when you apply polish to them ( why they even sell them.................... I don't know )

 When I painted these, I made sure to make an excel spreadsheet with the names of the polish and how many coats.  Eventually I plan to print them out on sticker paper and affix it to the back of each nail board thing.

I hope I sorta explained this properly I need to whip up a few more when i get more nails....I plan on doing a better job explaining with better photos....

So I would say, that this was a time consuming project. I glued 600 false nails to 1 1/2 inch by 8 inch pieces of foam board. My reason for doing things this way, was so when I open my top drawer of my Helmer or Melmer ( which I don't have....yet) these will be standing upright and I will easily be able to see all my polishes swatched. I wish I took pictures of the process = but I will be doing this again soon I just need to hop over to the Dollarama and grab more nails, though.

I also find that it will be much easier to photograph these swatches, if I add polish to these before I actually wear the polish.... by propping them up in my light box, or just a sheet of poster-board that I sometimes use.

Essentially, I cut up a piece of this lightweight foam board to the sizes I wanted and glued the nails on with a glue gun and hot glue. It was very easy but time consuming. In the evening I would just pop a movie on and go to town glue-ing. I laid the piece of foam board on a flat surface, and butted up another piece against it, so that when i applied a blob of hot glue to it and affixed the nail to the board it would stay I will work on a visual for that and when I hit the dollar store on the weekend, I may try to produce a video.

In total for 600 nails, it probably took 4 hours......however I actually enjoy these types of menial crafts and tasks, so it wasn't so bad.

I really just eyeballed where their placement was, but I suppose marking off where they should be would help to keep them spaced evenly..... as long as they stayed "straight'' to the actual board and lined up properly I am happy

Some of these nails had sharp edges, and that little bit of plastic left over from snapping them out of the mold at the factory. So I had to file most of them after they were glued down.

 below, the smaller piece of foam board I used to keep my false nails straight and prevent them from dropping off the edge of the foam board.

I butted the edges up like this, otherwise the hot glue would just make the nail dip and they would be all crooked ( dang this is hard to explain.... does any of this make sense? )

so..... see what I mean? If I hadn't used the other board to make sure the nails stayed in line, they would have 'dipped' down and been all wonky.....

My latest batch of Frankens..... ( the 'uglyies' get their own section )

oops, I should have straightened my camera out.....

These are the nails I used, I found these at Dollarama, I grabbed 6 boxes. ( I need more)

foam board from dollarrama - this comes in different colours and you can also get it at Walmart and craft stores, like Micheal's and Hobby Lobby..... 24x 28 each little piece I cut was 1 1/2 inch by 8 inches.


ABOP Laquerlove said...

Your latest frankens are awesome!

MetroChic said...

Great idea. I need to do the same.

Taki J said... WOW. I would drive myself bananas trying to do something like this. Very nice though.

kganir said...

I love the idea of putting them on the foam boards but you have labels for them and how do you store them? I'd love to do this for my polish swatching but I'm trying to think ahead on how to store these. Thanks.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Another Bottle of Polish - Thanks I made sure to make colours I would never spend money on at the store...... but I actually starting to like the weird greens at themed, as well as those mushroom and taupe colours.

♥ Metro Chic - Thanks, I am happy how it turned out

♥ Taki J - it was time consuming, but the result is worth it to me

♥ kganir - When I painted these, I made sure to make an excel spreadsheet with the names of the polish and how many coats. Eventually I plan to print them out on sticker paper and affix it to the back of each nail board thing.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

oops@ another bottle of polish... I meant to say the weird greens at the end not the weird greens at the themed