Sunday, February 20, 2011

HappyBerry Naids dots, Cheetah/Zebra and a pink Sponge mani

yes, the metallic pink stripe killed this mani,,,,,, but I am getting much better at making zebra stripes and cheetah spots.

I wanted to have a copper and baby pink mani, but my Stripe Rite striping polish in Copper was left open the last time I used it so it was all thick and goopy. before I realized it wouldn't be usable I had already applied it to 3 nails. I covered it up with the Hot Pink Art Deco Stripe polish, then covered that up with a metallic pink.

products used - Claire's Mini in Fiji, Wet n' Wild Crystallic in Golden Pink, Art Deco Hot Pink Nailene Top Coat

This is 3 coats of Claire's Fiji..... I knew there was a reason this was in my franken pile! it needs 3 to 5 coats to get totally opaque. It is a creme and I have at least 10 light pink creme's that are good to go in 3 coats or less.  I added another coat of Claire's Fiji after I took this photo, as well as a coat of Nailene TC.

I drew a diagonal line across my nail and added cheetah spots to the lower half, I outlined the cheetah spots with Art Deco stripe polish in Hot Pink, and made the zebra stripes with the Art Deco stripe polish as well.

I used Wet n Wild Crystallic in Golden pink for the cheetah spots.

... then outlined the spots with Art Deco strip polish and added the zebra stripes.

....and another sponge mani, a very subtle girlish sponge mani

For this mani, I started with a base of Billie Bubble Gum....... mmmmmmmm = yum, it really does smell like bubble gum! I used one of those 'sexy car wash' sponges, and sponged the three SH XW polish's randomly over my nail. I added 2 coats of a franken polish I made with some older silver shimmery polish's added to clear.

Sally Hansen Hot Magenta is a bright shimmery polish, the brightness of it and the colour mess around with my camera every time I try to photograph it.

L-R Billie Bubble Gum, SH Hot Magenta, Strawberry Icing, Cotton Candy, shimmer Franken

3 coats of Billie Bubble Gum - it is frosty but it smells good!

indoor fluorescent lighting

A Copy of HappyBerryNaiads dots mani!

I think her's is much prettier than mine, she used all creme polish's and mine are shimmer polish's. I will try it in the same colour scheme as she did sometime in the future. Check out her V-day mani HERE

The polish's I used for this mani are old skool Sinful Colors in Sharron's Heart as a base, then dotted on Fiji, Fuchsia Purple and Greenwich Girl. I applied 2 coats of the pink; Sharron's Heart, and then started dotting with a dotting tool using the three other colours. I went over any sparse area's with the pink polish again to ensure that it looked like my nails were all dots.

I added a coat of clear, but before I could add a final coat of TC and take proper photo's I marred this mani, by dragging MY WET NAIL POLISH ACROSS MY MICROWAVE , really why? Why and how. I know that when it is time to seriously do my nails I must make time to sit still, and not do anything.......

I think this turned out okay, it is fool proff and easy to do which is exactly the type of nail art I like.


Minty said...

Yours is still really pretty! And I think the first mani is pretty as well. I could do without the stripe, but it still looks so good.

Unknown said...

I love the dot mani! Its really cute!

Angeles said...

Cute combo in dots mani... I love it!

jaljen said...

The subtle and the dots are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I haven't done pink in ages. MUST go back to pink.

Unknown said...

Love the dots, sponging and the animal prints. The dot colors are so beautiful together. You have a nice old collection of sinfuls :)

Lucy said...

I don't like the stripe seperating the two designs. I think I'd like the animal designs without it. Love the colors. The sponge manicure looks like cotton candy. Yummy! The dots are amazing looking. Love the color combination and design.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Minty - Thanks, I thought it would look good but I'll be skipping the stripe next time

Yami - Thanks, it was very easy to do.

Angeles - Thanks!

jaljen - Thanks, I have been wanting to wear girly colours quite a bit lately....

rmcandlelight - Thanks, those old sinful colors showed up in a dollar store in my town last year.

Lucy - Thanks, i thought of cotton candy as well for the sponge mani I will skip the stripe next time.