Friday, August 19, 2011

NEW BLOGS & LA Girls Metal Metallic Olive

 LA Girls Metallic Olive 1 coat layered over 2 coats of Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow. Metallic Olive is surprisingly sheer, so if I did not layer it - it would need 4 to 5 coats to get to the bottle shade and I would probably still have a few bare spots. My pinky nail is 3 thin coats and there is some noticeable bare areas.

I bought this at an awesome dollar store in Portage La Prairie Manitoba where they had full displays of 7 or more collections from LA Colors, plus the nail Art polish. I haven't been back since but wish I took photos of the giant table filled with polish...... it was heavenly.

 Where have I been?

My computer is making me crazy - there is something very odd happening where some program or script is not working, any web page I open or any program I use on this computer crazily scrolls on it's own - and the 'fn-F9' key trick only lasts for a few minutes..... I have all but taken it down to back to the manufactures setting ( saving all my important stuff ie; nail inspiration photos ) and really don't want to take it somewhere to get fixed. I need that $$$ for bargain nail polish!!!!

 I am avoiding being on here; but am actually doing crafts and making stuff. I am soooooooo far behind in catching up with blogs, MUA and watching Nail video's on You Tube that I doubt that I will ever get caught up.

Blogger also appears to be wacky as well, and I have uploaded photos only to have them appear fuzzy and pixil-ated. Is anyone else having trouble following people, the last time that happened thing's returned to normal after a day or so - but I have not been able to follow people for almost 6 days!

grrrrrrrr, I am thankful to have a computer, the Internet and all that jazz; but when stuff like this happens i avoid it all together.

end rant.

Here a few new blogs I have come across, or that people have sent in. Sorry it took so long!


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.... and a few more photos

2 coats of Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow - with is a swampy green creme. My pinky nail is 3 coats of LA Girls Metal Metallic Olive......  I think I would need 4 or even 5 thin coats to get opacity without any bare spots with Metallic Olive.



Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the first polish! Thanks for sharing the new blogs!

Let's Get Nailed said...

This polish is really pretty. Also, thanks for listing us. It means a lot to us :)

polishloving said...

looks great!

Mel, Glassflecked. said...

New follower, your nails are super gorgeous!!! Need more finger paints in my life... would love you to check out my new blog!

Vicky said...

Thanks for adding me to this list :)
Vicky :)

fingers said...

Just found your blog-I love it! Am a new follower!