Thursday, February 3, 2011


Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Wild Orchid

Here is a bunch of WnW photos..... While these are in-expensive polish - don't write them off as crappy, most of these are 2 to 3 careful coats or 3 to 4 thin coats that dry fast and have great opacity. I always plan on 4 thin coats. . Some of these Wet n Wild polish';s like Bijou Blue need 4 to 6 coats  - I have made some great frankens with these as well and that will be an entire post on its own.

I am happy with every polish I have tried from the Wild Shine Collection, and plan on acquiring ALL of them. The Mega Last and Craze collection I skipped on because I Do NOT enjoy those stumpy thick brush handles, but they do have beautiful shades with a great formula as well.

Wet N Wild Black Creme - not pictured - is a fabulous black polish - 1 thick coat and your good to go. In Canada Wet n Wild retails between $1.59 ( Walmart ) to $2.99 at Zellers and Loblaws stores for the various collections.  I hope the new line of Wet n Wild Fast Dry polish`s end up in Canada!!!!!!!

Caribbean Frost

Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Blue Moon

Wet n Wild Mega Last Disturbia

Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Casting Call

 Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Sunny Side Up

Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Blazed

Bijou Blue

Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Night Prowl

Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Sapphire Blue

Lavender Creme

Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Burgundy Frost

Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Rain Check

Wet n Wild Wild Shine  - Wild Card ( layered over a medium Grey )

L-R = Night Prowl, Wild Orchid, Sparked, Kaleidoscope, Caribbean Frost

L-R = Black Creme, Sunny Side Up, Blazed, Casting Call, Lavender Creme

L-R = Burgundy Frost, Bijou Blue, Rain Check, Sapphire Blue, Wild Card, Blue Moon


blessed said...

plz remind me to get blazed and lavender =]

jaljen said...

Night Prowl is a classic!

Anonymous said...

Sunny Side Up is gorgeous!

Lucy said...

I never used WetnWild because I thought it was really crappy polish. Boy was I wrong. When I've used it my manicure will last a week with just slight tip wear. Annoying when the expensive polishes chip right away. There's a few I have to get. Thanks for the polish spam.