Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 days!!!!! Wet n' Wild Teal of Fortune

Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune, 2 coats layered over 2 coats of China Glaze Shower Together and a coat of Nailene TC. I have been wearing this for 3 days and I dont want tot take it off = it is very pretty!!! I use ChG Shower Together for pedi's all the time, its 1/2 gone already. Even though Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune covers nicely in 3 - 4 coats, the brush is very stiff and I would have way to many brush marks and bare spots if I wore it alone.


indoor fluorescent

I wear ChG Shower Together on my toes all the time.....

indoor fluorescent


Tara said...

LOVEEE this combo! Good job!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

There's a lot of depth with this one. Great!!! :)

Bregje said...

That's a great combo! :)

KarenD said...

Great layering!

Lucy said...

That is one gorgeous teal. Love that shimmer. I like WetnWild polishes. The last on me.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Tara - Thank you, this is a beautiful polish,

Kimberly - Thanks, I am glad I layered it.

Shiny! - Thanks

KarenD - Thanks

Lucy - Thnaks I like WnW, too even though my brush is stiff.