Saturday, February 12, 2011

NEW Wet n Wild's in Canada & 2 glittery looks

This is 2 coats of Billie French White, followed by Billie Amethyst sponged on the tips and 1 coat of Icing Passion hap haphazardly layered on top then 2 coats of Sally Hansen Strobe light followed by TC.

I must note that I had worn my nails plain white for a day and a half before I fancied it up - That might be a new record for me as I am not a fan of pure white mani's for some reason.

Sponging the area before applying glitter on a glitter tipped mani like this sometimes gives the illusion of an all glitter area. I tend to do this look alot and I am usually happy with how it turns out - regardless of the colours I use.

I looooove that there are different sizes and shapes in Sally Hansen Strobe Light, and I am glad that I used the pinkish shimmery and dense Icing polish, Passion, before I added the Sally Hansen glitter.

Yippee = the Wet n Wild Fast Dry polish's have landed in Canada!!!!! I am a little disappointed with the brushes in these -they seem very stiff- like the brush on my Wet n`Wild Wild Orchid polish. All the other polish's I have from wet and wild have lovely brushes..... weird

EDIT: these can be found at Walmart 2.89 CAD and Zellers 2.99 CAD

Wet n Wild Who wants to be  a Millionaire

  Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune


indoor florescent

with Billie French White, a stark white creme polish

 I used Billie Amethyst for the sponged portion

sponged using a 'sexy car wash' sponge

I then stroked on polish straight off the brush to fill in any sparse areas towards the tips of my nails

with Icing by Claire's polish Passion, a sheer shimmery polish

indoor florescent

...and another glitter mani

  I started with 2 coats of a pretty chrome polish and added glitter to the tips of my nilsd, and glittered up my entire ring nail. This is the large hex glitter from this hallowen sample package I found at the dollar store. I applied clear polish to the tips of my nails and sprinkled on the holo hex glitter.  When I was happy with my glitter coverage I added 2 coats of TC. These pieces of glitter were far to big for a glitter sprinkle mani.

Here is a photo of another pretty glitter sprinkle mani I did in summer-time. I didn't think that the size of the glitter would be a factor but a smaller size seems to be a better choice for the future.

 The holo glitter in this manicure is much smaller than the one in THIS POST.

....and a few more photos
 indoor florescent



Lydiane Gaborieau Photography said...

So niceall those glitters!! I'm in Canada too and find it hard to get all the nice brand... Where do you shop??

Elizabeth Life and Polish said...

Agree with Lydiane, where do you get Billie colours? I have never seen them before. I'm another Canadian Nail Blogger (yay canada!) Also, I attempted one of your "poncing" attempts, if you wanted to check it out on my blog go ahead! I love all the nail designs you do!

jaljen said...

You are the Empress of glitter. I so love your manis.

Minty said...

I really love this manicure, so much!
I just copied your manicure from one of your last posts.
The "copy of a copy"
Except I used gold, black and white.
It's on my blog, if you want to see.

Queen of crap said...

I'm curious if that Billie white works well with konad? I'm still searching for the perfect white.

Lucy said...

Your killing me with these gorgeous manicures. Each one is superb. I love all that glitter! I never wear white polish. I have about 6 bottles of it! The Dollar Store always seems to stick white in with another polish. Now I know what to do with them.

Unknown said...

I love the white/glitter mani :)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Lydiane Gaborieau - I shop at dollar stores.... every once and a while they get a big shipment of discontinued polish, I always ask when they expect one to come in then stalk the store....

elizabeth - Thank you ! I will check out your blog.

jaljen - Thanks! That first mani is fool-proof and easy to do.

Minty - Thanks!

Queen of crap - Billie white is very pigmented but dries very fast,

Lucy - Thnaks Lucy, you should try and franken some pale spring and summer polish's!!!

rmcandlelight - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

wow you are amazing, I would love to see some more in depth posts about how to achieve some of these looks (like the sponge ones)