Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cheetah nails & My Beauty Spot Green Grass Glitter

Cheetah nails, so easy, so fast. This is 3 coats of My Beauty Spot  Green Apple Vivid Metallic, with Revlon scented Beach and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black. I added a coat of Old Skool Maybelline Lemon Twist Top Coat.

I plan on staying away form Dark greens, I need bright cheeful colours on my nails! I wanna stay on the bright side.

  easy cheetah nails

This pen is older but it still works well, I expected it to be dried out but its fine.

Below is what I had originally had planned for the day, but needed something with more pizazz lol/

This is a bright shimmery green polish I got from my MOM. 3 coats no Top Coat. Someone else has swatched a bunch of these HERE. I am not sure these have names but someone else says this is called Green Apple Vivid Metallic.

I found this grass like glitter at Micheal's Craft Store. I used clear school glue over this glitter, then Top Coat. I didnt plan on such a heavy coating of glitter. Next time I will try to apply it sparsely.

I sprinkled the glitter on then gently pressed it down with a fluffy brush

I used a white school glue base for this glitter and it peeled off easily when I was ready to remove it. I used a coat of Wn'W black, then plain white glue to adhere the glitter. When it was dry I applied a coat of CLEAR school glue then a coat of Top Coat.

Until I was ready to take it off it stayed on just fine. I hate the idea of trying to remove glitter nail polish  with the GENTLE  nail polish remover I am currently using so I am going to use this method again in the future and will post results..... I almost got it off in one piece!

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