Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Easy Dotted Mani

This is a quick and easy mani --- the base is Claire's Matte green, with a bunch of other Claire's polish's I am too lazy to name.  There is so many things around the house that can be used as dotting tools. All 10 of my nails, including this fast drying Matte green base took less than 10 minutes.

                Stuff I used......names? hello?

weird shadow pic

Is there a latex barrier in stores? I am hoping something shows up in Canada soon, but for now this stuff is great! I found this in the Hair section of Sally beauty -- it dried fast on my cuticles and was easy to peel off . I am never going to do a sponged mani or any other messy nail art without it. I am not allowed to order stuff online right now so this will have to do. There was several different sized bottles of this stuff but I grabbed the big one, just in case. ( it was $6 CAD) I

I found out about this stuff from someone on Instagram, or maybe YouTube. I'll try and do a mini tutorial in the future, but here is Youtube link of someone using it. I poured some into an empty nail polish bottle.


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