Monday, March 18, 2013

Janky Stripes & snow day!

I usually do alright when it comes to stripes like this - however this time, I placed my tape all wonky and I did not even notice till I painted my nails and took the tape off.---- boo! Once again Pure Ice Busted saved the day - just like in real life, a coat of Pure Ice Busted solves everything.

Because I am a rich millionaire with gold and diamond encrusted nail buffers and platinum cuticle sticks, I purchased these Sally Hansen CSM's full price for 8.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart..... Ha ha - just kidding! I found these at the DollarRama for 2 bucks, these Sally Hansen's are not that amazing that they should be 9 bucks! Come on Sally Hansen! Seriously who set the price point on these.  I am definitely waiting for them to be on sale if I pick up any more of these CSM's.

Ok that was mean - Sally Hansen CSM's have good formulas, good dry time and a vast choice of colours..... just a  tad pricy when NYC's In a New York Minute and Sinful Colors are just as good. Actually, every Sinful Colors polish dried faster then the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicures that I have tried...... hmmmmmm......

Anyhoo - for this mani I started with a base of Sally Hansen CSM in Greige Gardens TM ( LOL).  I placed my tape diagonally across my nails then added 2 coats of Sally Hansen CSM Plum Luck. When I began removing the tape I was pretty peeved that my placement was so off, and that some of the darker polish bled under the tape  So I added a coat of Pure Ice Busted..... and went on with my day. From far away it's not that bad - but I noticed it.

stuff I used- Sally Hansen CSM in Greige Gardens TM, Plum Luck and Pure Ice Busted

I didnt notice how 'off' my tape was before I applied the second colour to my nails.

LOL @ my middle nail


Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...

i dont even see a wonk. you're crazy. i love the choice of grey and purple!

Unknown said...

With the Pure Ice it looks great! Don't worry, no one else will notice anything else than a perfect job.