Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 Essence polish's & My Kleancolor Chunky Black holo is actually Red....

It's not true! Nail Polish is for life = not 12 months!

Here are two lovely polish's from Essence Color & Go. Both of these applied perfectly. I love these cute little bottles and how the caps match the polish.

This is 3 coats of Walk on the Wild side and 2 coats of KleanColor Chunky Holo Clover..... I totally expected the KleanColor to dry satin-ey or matte but it dried to a shiny finish.

..... and a few more photos of Essence Walk on the Wild side.


Essence Chic Reloaded is a very pretty multi chrome.....  I took a gazillion photos and could not capture all the beautiful colours this polish flashes.  This is two easy coats. I love how this polish applied and hope the rest of the shades in this collection have the same formula.

For comparison, below is 2 coats each of  Essence Where's the Part, Chic Reloaded and Wet n Wild Greys Anatomy. Wet n Wild Greys Anatomy is an extremely sheer polish and looks better layered over something.

I picked up this KleanColor holo mini's at Winners ( T.J.Maxx ) around X-mas time. For 4.99, these are a good deal. They are pretty much the same polish save for the Chunky black holo, and the pink shade which has the most notable hot pink jelly base, the rest of the polish's have a similar glitter and are only different in that they have slightly tinted jelly bases.

I planned on layering Chunky Holo Black over Essence Chic Reloaded but it turned the base colour purple.... instead of a darker polish shade like I had hoped.... oh well.

 below; a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better photo from Beauty Joint's website ( they have excellent product photos )

My 'Chunky Holo Black' has a red base...... its not black ~ I'm still happy with it !

 on my pinky nail


LadyLuck said...

my Chunky Holo Black has a poopy color base and the Blue one turned into "yellow" base and it was blue base =\

Lindsey R said...

Nice find at Winners-- I'll have to check them out! I haven't been to one in about a year now, so I'm about due to hoard nail polish from there:)