Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fingrs Art Nail Stamping kit and a blobby mani

Almost all the reviews I have read have been good for this nail art stamp set from Fing'rs Flirt. I picked this up at Walmart Canada both packages came to $15.00 - ish. The scraper works well if you don't apply alot of pressure, however I will be trying the gift card/credit card scraper tonight when I play around with this. In the mean time I have stamped out the designs using NYC Skin Tight Denim. The white polish that this set came with works just fine =  I just wanted to stamp on White paper.

I think this is a nice little set, and if you live in Canada and are hurting to purchase more of an assortment  of stamping plates, those 'As seen on TV' stores in most malls have the Salon Express set along with a separate package of 25 plates extremely similar to the first edition Bundle Monster plates for $19.95 each.

For now I am happy with this. There is some awesome new Fing'rs and Nailene products that have appeared on store shelves recently. I really, really want to see what the Artist Effects Top Coat from the Nailene Artists Expressions  looks like over black (cool or warm -  they both look really pretty). Has anyone tried it yet?

for my sample stamping I used N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim..... I need to be a bit faster, and use a thinner polish.  Each image came up fine, but think I was too heavy handed with the scraper. (I know its a learning process )

 ... and my blowey blob mani for today. This is 3 coats of Wet n' Wild White, I added a few small drops of each polish and blew..... waited till it was sorta dry and applied a coat of Top Coat.

Billie Cosmetics Electric Blue

Billie Cosmetics Electric Yellow

my last blowey blobby manicure...... I tried to do the 'Splatter Mani' where you dip a straw into polish then blow the polish onto your nails and could not do it! So I just applied small drops of polish onto my nails and blew! This is waaaaaaaaaaay less messy!



Anonymous said...

I have these! They are awesome! I wish the designs on the plates had a bit more variety but all in all, very cool and easy to get to!

Anonymous said...

i Love the blowing idea! reminds me of grade school when we would do that with paint xD

euzefelus_27 said...

i would like to try this method too