Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail Fetish tank top w/ LMN Voilets are blue and some nail art?

this was 2 coats of an older Nail Fetish polish I found at the Dollar Tree in the USA, followed by some hearts that I fished out of a bottle of Love My Nails Violets are Blue.

The Nail fetish Polish surprised me at 2 coats..... there was some bare spots due to my application but it was a pretty decent polish for an old-timer, and it didnt smell terrible either! This is an eye-catching hot pink and a nice base for the light purple and teal hearts.

Polish's with large glitter pieces like this are a pain in the bunz - I end up fishing them out of the bottle and placing them on the nail with either a toothe pick or dotting tool. I do like the irridecent glitter that is in many of the Love My Nails polish ( which can be found at some Walmarts in the USA )

Nail Fetish Tank Top and Love My Nails Violets Are Blue

..... and some nail art

 Not sure what to call this  -

The base of this nail art is Icing Bordeaux, I added 2 coats of Wet n Wild Greys Anatomy, then used Kiss Nail Art Paint in Deep Purple and LA Colors 24K gold. I made purple swoopy shapes and went over them twice with the purple stripe polish, then added some dots with my dotting tool. I went over the purple swoops with the gold glitter... and added a little more glitter...... then a coat of TC.

stuff i used, Icing Bordeaux, WnW Greys Anatomy, Kiss Deep Purple LA Colors 24K Gold

This polish is a lovely duo-chrome - google it! I could not pick up the lovely colour shifting in photos. It is very VERY sheer and will definitly need to be layered. I tried to layer this over Wn W Silvivor and it looked aweful - So I suggest a nice opaque creme polish base.

 On my pinky, I added some gold hex glitter, and didnt like how it looked.......I think the dots on thier own are just fine.


Wickless and Polished said...

Love the last manicure. Very super cute!

Shannara said...

they both look very pretty!

Courtney said...

That first mani is my favorite. Ive never seen the heart polish though. Pretty.

FrugallyMe said...


M. said...

I love the hearts:D

Nail Rookie said...

I just did something similar with an O.P.I bottle of glitter and hearts and had the same problem. I literally had to shake the bottle and pick the hearts out and lay them on each nail. It was a pain but the hearts are so cute! I want to find your blue and green bottle - so pretty!

aoana said...

this is so cool!!!I love a lot.they looks great

Impoverished by Polish said...
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Impoverished by Polish said...

I experimented with WnW Grey's Anatomy and found that it looked closest to the bottle color over a dark grey creme or 1 coat of a thin black creme, if that help anyone!

Renee said...

I love both of those polishes! Do they really still sell Love My Nails at Walmart? I haven't seen that brand in forever. I also miss Nail Fetish! I used to have one that came in the same bottle as Tank Top, but it was a pinkish purple.. I have no idea which color that was..I wish I could remember! Great looks :)

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