Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a few WnW fast dry mani's & blogroll addidtions

 this was 2 coats of Silvivor, followed by a jiggly coat of NYC Backstage Brown, then I added some big copper hexagon glitter and traced around it with Stripe rite copper glitter. I am really loving Wet n Wild Fast Dry Silvivor....... I am even managing to not curse the stiff brushes when I paint my nails!

here is a few blogs I added to my roll, Also - everyone knows about F yeah nail art Tumblr, right?

 F Yeah Nail Art

Chroma Craze 

 my colored nails 

 lacquer dreams 

 all that is gorgeous 


 top coat it

 see sarah swatch 

Valentine Kisses

 the scholarly nail

 nail art passion 

 unhas decoradas by Ariane 

stuff I used for above mani - WnW Silvivor, Stripe Rite copper glitter and NYC Backstage Brown

..... and

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Sage in the City

Only 3 coats with TC - I thought I would need 4 or 5 coats but this surprised me at only 3 coats


Carol said...

This is really nice and your WnW polishes look gorgeous. I love your 1st mani, it looks really expensive ;)

Sparkly Vernis said...

That looks amazing! It's like one of those ribbons you put on the trees, so festive! Absolutely gorgeous =)

TopCoatIt said...

Awe... I'm honored to be added to your blog roll. Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

I really like that shade of green and I REALLY like your sparkly manicure with the huge glitter. I love glitter. XD

Deriniti said...

pretty!!! i am a new follower! please add me to your blogroll! : )

Shannara said...

waw the silver nails look great!

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

Wow, I love both of these! I especially love Sage in the City, but then again, I'm a sucker for any green polish =)

Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll <3

MudMaskHoochie said...

Oh wow - that is gorgeous!!!!

Jiggetts said...

Hi there! Nice nail designs and love your blog. Please add my blog to your blogroll when you get a moment: