Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's a Color-Rama-Rama!!!!!!!

Sunrise Sensation 3 coats

Sunrise sensation is fabulous! I though that it would be a boring peach sheer polish - but it is a pearl- shimmer with a subtle golden flash. This is on the top of my list to re-wear when we get some sunshine. 

Alot of these older Color-Rama polish's have a great formula, they don't smell gross and they apply well and dry fast! All my photos are indoors, I actually like doing these "swatch-a-thons", I did run out of cotton ballz before I could get to all of the polish's I picked up in my USA 2010 Haul, but I hope to do another "swatch-a-thon" this weekend!

Up first; a few photo's of 'the Spritzers', these are jelly-ish polish's that have sparse glass flecks in them. They are sheer, and need almost 5 coats for opacity. I will be trying out the syrup manicure that Nouvea cheap posted about a few days ago & check out Polish Insomniac's syrup Mani, too. Besides layering, this is a cool way to deal with too-sheer-for-me polish's

Cherry Spritzer - 3 coats

L-R ...... Peach Daiquiri, Orange Spritzer, Berry Spritzer. All 3 or more coats!

Orange Spritzer - 4 coats

Berry Spritzer - 3 coats

I have recently seen this polish below; Cool Blues, on another blog. It is a neat frosty translucent blue, with holographic micro-glitter as well as some glass flecks thrown in. I layered it over black on my middle nail, and think if I wear this as a full manicure I will layer it over a similar shade to the base colour of Cool Blues~ It is a little too sheer for me.

Cool Blues 3 coats - Middle nail 1 coat layered over black

This polish is very sheer, it has a nice icy purple base colour to it = which is nice I don't think I have a sheer polish in this color family for layering so its not a total write off.

Lilac Freeze - Top - 2 coats layered over black, bottom, 3 coats ( this is super-duper-Sheer )

Does anyone know the real name of this polish = It's number is 107. I layered this over Sally Hansen Chrome in Aqua-Marine, as it is somewhat sheer on it's own. I think at 4 to 5 thin coats this polish would be the bottle shade - but i didn't feel like doing 5 coats. I love those chrome polish's - They are fabulous a s a base for layering♥
NO Name # 107; 2 coats layered over Sally Hansen Chrome in Aquamarine

This is a nice glow-ey blue....
Blueberry Surprise, 3 coats with TC

Coco-Motion ( lol ) is an interesting colour. It is brown, but a hint purple-ness shows up in some lighting. There is sparse micro-shimmer and chunky bits of shimmer in this as well.

Coco-motion (lol), 3 coats ~ NO tc


Candy Apple and Apple Martini are very appealing to me. THAT was not a cheesy pun - I really liked these colours. The formula was fabulous and they dried very fast. I have worn candy apple twice on my nails, layering over it in the p.m. and once on my toes...... Its a bright peppy colour.

Fuchsia Fiesta has a subtle blue flash. It is extremely sheer and needed almost 5 coats for opacity.

 Candy Apple - 2 coats w/TC

Apple Martini - 2 coats w/TC

Fuchsia fiesta - 3 coats w/TC

Grape crush is a basic run of the mill purple.....although I do not own a shade of polish even close to it. Just when I think I have every purple I need.......
Grape Crush 3 coats with TC

The finish of this polish is very similar to coco-motion. Although it is sheer, and likely needs to be layered it redeems itself by having a nice base colour and sparse chunks of shimmer.

Grape Spritzer 3 coats no TC (above and below)
- weird lighting to show chunks of shimmer -

These next 2 polish's are what I would say are boring work appropriate shades. Gold-lights is a lovely soft gold, while Spin Around Brown is a neutral buff shade with sparse chunky copper glass flecks.

Gold lights - 3 coats, no TC

Spin Around Brown ( lol ) 2 coats no TC

Spin around Brown is a pretty shade with sparse gold-ish copper-ish flakes

Raspberry Sorbet is a BRIGHT cheerful fuchsia polish that surprisingly only needed 3 coats.

Raspberry Sorbet 3 coats

Mwah-ha-ha The names of some of these Color-Rama polish's are adorable. Tickle-me-pink is  a sheer pink.At 3 coats, there is a tone of bare spots.

Tickle me Pink - 3 coats


Hook Prism Power said...

WOW! how long were u swatching for? I remember buying so many of these coloramas when they had first came out. I loved the little bottles and all the cute colors. I really love Raspberry Sorbet. It looks great on you.

Lovely Addison said...

love the pink colors and that brown. where do you buy your coloramas from? or are they discontinued & old?

Leticia said...

Love the brown!

Lovely nails said...

Loooove the skittles!
visit my new blog! :)

The Preppy Student said...

I love cool blues over the black polish!

Lucy said...

You really hit the jackpot with the Colorama polish! Lots of gorgeous shades. I believe I have one of this type!