Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 older Sally Hansens

 Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sweet Decadence

OMFG I have been so busy this week.... I need to park my bunz in front of the computer and start reading! I am so far behind on reading everyone's blogs..... I need a solid day and a half to catch up! 

These older Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish's were found in the bargain-ish shops in my town.  All 3 of these polish's needed 4 or more coats = Thats how it used to be the olden days. I am thankful that I can currently pick up fast drying polish that is good to go in 2 coats . I

This is a weird colour ~ Sweet Decadence is a shimmery butter-scotch shade. This was 4 coats with Top Coat, it was sheer but build-able. I don't think I have anything like this.... I cant call it a 'yellow' or a butter-scotch it is.

 I was surprised that I liked this polish, below, so much. Sally Hansen Pleasurable Decadence is an interesting colour ~ I want to put it in the 'mink' colour family, as there is alot of blush and pink-ish tones in there.... This was 4 coats with TC. I'll have to hunt around my collection for something similar to this.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Crystal Grape

This is a very sheer glass fleck polish. I used 5 coats here, and it was still very sheer. It is a lovely shade of purple and the sparkle is very prominent.

I tried the 'syrup' graduated mani here on my pinky.....  I think it looks cool


jaljen said...

Anything mustard-y is for me. And the last one is a nice polish too. Just ebay-ed these but no luck....

Leticia said...

Love the second polish. I can't decide if I like the first. It looks like shimmery mustard lol.

Johanna (Paillette) said...

OOH! I love them!!!

Lucy said...

I love all these old Dollar Store polishes. I missed loads of polishes becauwe I had quit wearing polish. I also just wore Santa Fe Sand by Revlon all the time. It was either buffed nails or the Santa Fe Sand. I also had some polishes but didn't wear them much. I always loved Sally Hansen polish. These are three very pretty shades. That first one is really an interesting golden mustard.

auroragyps said...

Man, I really miss the old Sally Hansen polishes. I still have a ton, but I got rid of some (silly me), plus I missed out on so many. Sigh.