Saturday, March 29, 2014

pretty pink Gradient sponge with opalescent TC

 i was happy to find this Icing Top coat in the bargain bin at the closest Icing store to me in Minot N.D. in the summer of 2013. Icing Baby Doll top coat has multi-sized opalescent glitter. The formula is the same as most Icing brand nail polish that I have tried, it didn't do much to smoothe out the lumpy sponged polish, and I dont feel like it sped up my dry time, the multi-sized opalescent glitter is mesmerizing. I think that this will be very pretty over a dark royal blue or even black...... next time.

The base of this Mani is a gradient sponge of 2 pretty pink no-name nail polishes from Kozmic Colors that I found at the DollarRama. I have about 75 of these Kozmic color polish's they are found at the Dollar Tree and also at the DollarRama in Canada. They are dirt cheap and this company is cranking out new collection every 6 months, and so I try and get the whole collection at once when I see it.

yes I know this is janky masking tape,  I try to recycle whenever I can 

in dimmer lighting for maximum opalescent-ness.......opalescent-ey......opalescent-tivity

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