Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hard Candy Blue Foil

 I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years Eve, I stayed home, ate cheese Nacho's and watched Tosh O. - Fun times.

 I have been wearing this for 3 days now, 2 coats of Naturistic's Super Chrome Blue Spark, and 3 coats of Hard Candy Blue Foil. I didn't think these had names, but Scrangie called this Blue Foil - so I guess that's the name. This was a sheer blue jelly with lovely flakes that looks nice on it's own, but i layered it over a very similar base polish.

I used a matte top coat, that ended up drying to a satin finish instead of matte. The brush on this mini sucked wasn't that great, combined with the tiny brush handle, poor lighting and me standing instead of sitting I had a difficult time painting my nails....... I cant wait to have my NP room all sorted out so I can get back to normal.

Also, remember my mani from last year ( lol ) I found a comparable polish in my stash, Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Co-Co a Go-Go. I would say that the Sally Hansen polish is the boring, plain cousin to this fabulous brown shimmery number.  I stopped in at Shoppers Drug Mart & Walmart to see if any of these polish sets were on sale but both stores were CLEANED OUT  of any Christmas-type gift sets

L -Color Institute Brown Shimmer, Sally Hansen Co-Co a Go-Go

L - Color Institute Brown shimmer ~ R - Sally Hansen Insta Dri Co-Co a Go-Go

 bottle shots!


Marisa said...

That is such a great blue polish, I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty manicure!! Those two polishes are so close, and yet just different enough.

Bárbara said...

Amazing colors!
Happy new year!!


Kelly said...

i've passed the Kreativ blogger award on to you! check out my blog for rules and such ! :)