Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 stripe mani and get your bunz to the DollarRama Canadians.....

Yesterday's Mani, I started with Old School Nail Fetish artificial nails that I picked up at the dollar store, then used LA Colors stripe polish in Metallic Pink for the middle stripes, then filled in the tips of my nails with;

1 coat of Wet n Wild Hanna Pinktanna
1 coat of Icing no-name magenta micro-glitter
1 coat of Sinful Colors I Love You.

I have already tried out LA Colors Metallic Pink over a lighter base polish, and I wanted to see what it looks like over a darker colour..... It is surprisingly opaque.

 I went over this twice with the stripe polish, I did this free-hand and eye-balled it for uniformity.

I found these at the Dollar Rama..... I didn't realize they had french tip guides in them until I got home..... There is chevron french tips as well as the curved regular french tips. I was surprised to see these at the Dollar Rama because they are $11 to $13 bucks for these sets in stores, and the single Kiss nail art stripe polish's are 5 bucks at Walmart. Kiss, I find, is the most pricey nail accessory company - but they have MANY  awesome nail art products and artificial nail products.

 ... and I found these at Winners for $4.99 - normally the nail polish section is picked over, or they only have O.P.I. polish's so I was happy to spot this.

so; here is what I started with............ These are a deep vampy red.

.... and this is what I used; LA Colors Metallic Pink Stripe polish, Wet n Wild Hanna PinkTanna, Icing no-name magenta micro-glitter, and Sinful Colors I Love You

This is 2 'coats' of the stripe polish

Icing no-name polish



Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

I love stripes manicures! *_*
(and Kleancolor polishes too!)

Polish and Charms said...

Very pretty, and you will love the Kleancolor metallic polishes!

Freshie said...

So great for fall and your lines are so straight and impressive!

Kay said...

In the first picture, the top portion, next to your cuticle, looks like velvet. Very pretty mani!

And what a great bargain you found on the Kiss stuff!

Yasinisi said...

It looks great :)

I Drink Nail Polish said...

This mani ROCKS!!! Oh man, I really love it! Super cool! :D

St├ęphanie said...

Kiss at Dollorama? Wow, I need to check mine :D


Lindsey R said...

Good finds! Yeah, I paid full retail for my set of Kiss polishes... have to keep an eye out at the Dollaramas here for more! And nice score with the Kleancolor!

fingers said...

Love that vampy red! Such a great mani!

Unknown said...

Awesome mani! I looove it, really beautiful colors.

Lucy said...

They are amazing colours. x