Thursday, July 15, 2010

♥ Ardene 'Matte About Blue' ♥

Ardene Matte About Blue - 3 coats with T.C - Ring nail w/ Matte T.C.

Here is one of 3 Ardene Polish's I picked up recently. So far it is a pretty decent polish, the formula is decent and the color payoff I just like most brands I love and use. I do not have any other colors even close to this to do a comparison for you. I bought this polish at an Ardene Store in my town that is moving locations... all their stuff is 50% off right now.

above- Ardene Rockin Purple, AppleTini, and Matte about Blue

Although it is a matte, I added a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top coat to it. On my Ring nail, I added a coat of Claire's Matte Top Coat. I'll hunt around my collection to see what I have that is similar to this. Its a really pretty vibrant teal.

I have to be honest though.... I hate caps like this, and although these have been available for a few years and Ardene Stores have some beautiful colours, I do not generally purchase polish with caps like this unless it pops of revealing a slender normal sized brush handle. But I am happy I grabbed this one becuase I dont think it is a duper or even close to anything I already own...

Next up; AppleTini { tomorrow }

Indoor Fluorescent


Shade with Flash

Indoor Fluorescent
This is a pretty good matte-i-fier..... any comparisons out there on the interwebz?

Indoor Fluorescent



ABOP Laquerlove said...

Seriously cute color. It's pretty both matte and with topcoat. Like!

Unknown said...

The color is wonderful!!!

Michelle said...

Prr, pretty colour! I'm loving it glossy but it looks good matte too.

Danielle said...

nice colour :)

The Ardene polishes aren't too too bad, I find they take longer to dry than others. I went in to an ardene the other day and found that they have some funky neons close to the new china glaze ones... i resisted lol. I have an outlet by my house so hopefully they go there after summer :)

Supersparklekitty said...

Why don't you like the caps on these bottles? It must be cumbersome to not have slender brush handle. Anyhoo, the color is gorgeous!

Perles & Paillettes said...

This color is a true beauty !

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ ABOP - thanks this is a pretty colour, very summery

♥ Anita - Thanks

♥ Michelle - Its one of the few creme-ish colours I like matte

♥ Danielle - The Appletini did take a little longer to dry but I am not sure if it was my crappy application( too thick ) or the polish. What? there is an Ardene Outlet? Where is it?

♥ Starlight - Yes! It is the too thick dandle, I guess I am just used to the average smaller longer brush handle.... I know I should practice with these more♥♥♥

♥ Ayuu - thanks I am trying to find a polish colour that is similar to this colour.