Wednesday, November 11, 2009

E.L.F. @ Giant Tiger in Canada

~ E.L.F. Jewel Tone Trio ~

 I found these today for $3.97 CAD, at a store in my town, Giant Tiger, They had quite an assortment of 'sets' of E.L.F. products 5 different nail polish sets, glitter eyeliner trios, mascara, eyeshadow etc.. I had seen 'Dark Navy' swatched and thought it was really pretty- but is quite dark in indoor lighting. In my little swatch below - I did not use a top coat. The 'Royal Purple' is very, very nice. I do not have another color like this..... Why don't I have another color like this? The white frost I am not happy with it, I hate brush marks and with frosts they always show up. Why frost, the other two color polish's are beautiful opaque shimmers...... These three polish applied amazingly well, had a low odor, and dried in a decent amount of time. I did a quick swatch but only have a photo in indoor fluorescent lighting.... sorry. This was the last set of the 'Jewel Tone Trio'

I had hoped that these black caps would come off.. revealing a small round brush handle as I am quite a picky when it comes to brush handles. But they do not, that was a little disappointing. I wish that the 'Navy Blue' was a little brighter & lighter. I added at top coat ( not pictured) and it looks much better Also I snapped these photos immediately after coming home from shopping, it is freezing here and there is some condensation on the bottels... Hooray for Winter (  sarcasm  )

~ Dark Navy ~
~ Pearl ~
~ Royal Purple ~

~ A quickie swatch - 2 coats....last on the right is N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim (for reference. )
No top coat... sorry! Google E.L.F. Dark navy, there is some swatches of this floating around 

~ Bottle comparison N.Y.C. 'Skin Tight Denim' & E.L.F. 'Dark Navy'

~ What a pretty box they came in ~

~ Back of the box - ingredients? ~


gildedangel said...

Those are lovely colors!

Lucy said...

Nice shades. I've never used any ELF products. Are they any good?

Halifax said...

I'm still waiting for elf to come to my Zellers, very surprised to know they are at Giant Tiger too. Thanks for the info

Small Town Gal said...

I really like that N.Y.C colour, and the white, but then I used to white religiously as a teen, LOL.