Sunday, November 22, 2009

♥ About my Blog ♥

♥ My layout is 'Jellyfish', I believe it is only a 2 column format, but I am sure there is some way to work around that, I picked this one because I can have extra large photos.

♥ If you are a blogger - I have found that it's a good idea to have two blogs, you real blog, and one for testing out widgets, blogger features, etc..... this has been really benifical to me.

♥ Please check out my post 'Deez-Nailz Photo Studio', for some things I have learned along the way in regards to taking photos. I'm still learning stuff.

♥ When you choose to 'upgrade' to the new Blogger editor, you can choose 4 different sizes for you photos - I always choose the X-Large one, but sometimes I use the medium size or large size. You can also place them left, center and right in your post. I have found the 'Jellyfish' layout seems to be the best layout for the extra large photos.

♥ I hope to add at least 10 photos with multiple lighting and angles to each post of my blog...... but it usually ends up being way more than 10 photos.I do this because I want to, 3 is sufficient, but I actually enjoy taking the photos and posting them... I am proud of my photo skillz.

♥ I love painting my nails and doing simple nail art even more now, then before I was blogging.

♥ I truly love seeing what kinds of things people come up with in regards to their nail art and polish combos....sponging... water-marbling..... LOVE IT!

♥ If my color scheme is difficult to read would someone kindly let me know.

♥ Why am I doing this?..... mostly, I started this blog to keep track of my nail polish, and what I wore when, but I was/am also hoping that someone will post a bottle photo or mani photo of an old, old Sally Hansen Nail polish that I had like 8 years ago...... one day......

♥ Lately I have been trying to post polish's which have not been swatched yet on MUA or that have not made it to the blogs for whatever reason. I am working through all of my old polish's  & I love seeing super-old polish's swatched and am soooo jealous of the recent 'Dollar Tree' hauls people are getting lately. I think that this is a good idea to post these oldies for the nostalgia. 

♥ I am also trying to post simple, easy 'nail art' that anyone can do. With everyday objects that don't require alot of skill.

♥ I have learned sooooo much in just a short amount of time- I have learned about brands I have never heard of before, and am delighted they are easily accessible.  I hope that people are learning something from me too♥


1xellus1 said...

Keep up the good work. I love your blog! I aspire to have the same high quality photos that you do "someday". LOL what sally hansen color is it that you are looking for?

Lucy said...

I love your blog and enjoy seeing older polishes. I've only been reading blogs about a year and a half. About 99% of my polish are new editions. I always painted my nails but I would get rid of my polish and not paint my nails for years! So I'm really interested in seeing older polishes. Some that I like I might even be able to still buy.

Unknown said...

Great post =). If you go to Blogger Buster she has done a post on adding a 3rd column to blogger templates.

Mira said...

Hey Lovely Lady, I love the winter colour nails!

Mira said...

Hello Lovely Lady, I love the winter blue nails.

Mira said...

Hello Lovely Lady, I love the winter blue nails!