Thursday, April 1, 2010

♥ Nail Stickers & Nailene Nails Review ♥

I have bought and worn these nails before - they are a little on the short side but came in handy for all my around the house things I have been doing lately. Seriously I lasted FIVE whole days before I needed to paint my nails.... I cant survive long with out colour on my nails!!!!!!

I received this sample of Nailene nails along with a newer-to-me glue.The pink-tinted brush on glue was a little thinner then I am used to and dried super-duper fast. A little too fast for me, and I think it will take alot of practice to get used to it. I do love my regular glue and have no plans to change anytime soon, but I know this brush on glue will come in handy for when my false nails begin to 'lift' from my natural nails. The brush is on the stiff side and will easily wedge between the false nail & my natural nails.

As always these nailene nails kept their shine even with multiple TOE nail polish changes, even surviving a small acetone spill.

I am having some computer issues lately & just installed windows 7-  so my photo editing programe is all wonky. Also spammers, PLEASE STOP -I'm pretty sure that most people who read my blog don't want 'boner medicine' or to learn how to 'beat vegas casino's, okay! Thanx!

I hope the subtle shimmer comes across in this photo- also the HUGE thumb nail, compared to the smallest nail with this set of Nailene nails

This set of Nailene Bedazzle nail stickers, seem like the most boring of the bunch, but the butterfly's & stars are really pretty, and the summery Hawaiian like flowers are actually really nice. The crystal's & pearls are pretty substantial and I am planning on adding liberal top coat to seal those suckers in when i use them.

These stars and butterfly's are very very pretty.  I'm glad there are several, becuase I will definitely use these - alot. Or I might hoard them...... The stars are really, really cool!
These crystals & pearls are pretty substantial, I will be sure to coat them in T.C. ♥
I think the white flowers will be pretty to dress up a basic french manicure. I like how it has a bit of a curve to it.
These were the ones I used ( the double pink flower) I think they are fun and summery AND LOOOOVE THE BLACK & ORANGE FLOWER!

This glue dries fast!!!! It dries too fast for me! I am definitely going to have to try it a few more times before I master using this. I like my regular glue, the one that comes with most nailene false nails and don't think I will be switching forever anytime soon. one thing I am going to use it for is when I have 'lifting' of my nails and need to get glue into a tiny crevice between my natural nail and my false nails.

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