Tuesday, April 20, 2010

♥ Pure Ice 'Busted' laeryed over Icing 'Mystery Purple' ♥


I love this one, Pure Ice 'Busted'. I have it layered over an Icing no name that I am temporarily calling 'Mystery Purple'. Pure Ice is an awesome brand of polish with lots of beautiful colours and finishes...... If you live in the USA you are lucky - at $2.00 a pop this is an awesome polish to have. i only have 5 polish's form this brand and I am looking forward to snagging alot more when I visit the USA (soon hopefully)

This is 1 coat of Pure Ice 'Busted' layered over 2 coats of Icing 'Mystery Purple'. I want to call 'Busted' a glass fleck finish.... am I right? Pure Ice has alot of pretty glass fleck finishes in their core line..... if your bored you should Google it - they make alot of beautiful polish all under $2.00 USD ♥

I feel that this polish warranted 15 photos, so here they are


Indoor fluorescent




@ 2 coats of 'mystery Purple' w/ Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat


PolishGalore said...

WOW! That makes it look a lot like Zoya Mimi from the new Sparkle collection!

Recalcitrant Nails said...

That is gorgeous. I wonder what that Pure Ice would look like with a matte top coat? I just picked up my first pure ice today, can't wait to swatch it. :)

Emma said...

i am "lucky", but haven't been impressed with how sheer some of their polishes are(i'm a lazy 2 coater)...but i'll have to pick this one up when i get strapless :)

Colette said...

The purple brings out a whole different personality than I've seen - I'm wearing Busted layered right now over black french tips & it's leaning much pinker ... I'd link some pics but probably won't have them posted until tomorrow LOL.

Colette said...

PS @ Lacquer Ware - OK I think I have poor impulse control, I just matte-ified my mani after reading your comment & the answer is: AWESOME =)

Ice Queen said...

Oh boy. I need that Pure Ice colour. :D

Watch out for Pure Ice All Night Long. It is a beautiful, saturated cobalt blue with shimmer and it is lethal. It stains cuticles and skin badly and is he-double hockeysticks to clean up. I had to toss mine. Broke my little heart as it is so pretty.