Monday, April 5, 2010

♥ Franken - 'Wild Olive' outside ♥

Franken 'Wild Olive' Outside 2 coats & 2 coats of Nailene T.C.

I had to get some photos of this outside, my franken 'Wild Olive' I included an indoor pic, but HERE is the origional post. I love, love, looooooove this franken, and am happy with how it turned out.

anyhoo - here are some outdoor pics

indoors fluroescent lighting


Another Bottle of Polish said...

Ooh, very pretty now that we get to see it in all its glory!

ch3rryco1a said...

Ohh this is a lovely color!

Liana said...

Beatiful!! I love your pictures, perfect!

Anonymous said...

It think you frankened a polish that my mom bought for me from a garage sale 12 years ago. She threw it away not too long ago and I've been having a hard time finding a dupe. I love it!


Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

♥ Another Bottle of Polish - Thanks! I looooove this one

♥ ch3rryco1a - Thanks! - it is lovely.

♥ Liana - Thanks! I enjoy taking these nail/hand photos and am happy i mastered it.......

♥ Anonymous - Thanks! I ♥ it hen my mom gives me polish. I am totally keeping every single bottle of polish I come across!!!!! = and am super excited for yard/garage sales in y community... there is always a few bottles of oldies floating around!