Wednesday, April 28, 2010

♥ Wet n' Wild - 'Rain Check' ♥

( grrr, why didnt this post - I posted it at the same time as my post below - DANG! )

Ahhhhhh! Another Wet n' Wild stunner - although this polish is sorta frosty as long as the brush strokes are straight, I'm good. This is a really pretty colour ~ I thought it would be much more silver IRL, but the light lavender is very noticeable in most lighting conditions. = LOVE IT! In Canada, these are $1.57 ( walmart) and $1.87 ( Zellers Dept store ). In my town, I had found that Zellers carries the best selection as well as entire line-up of Wet n' Wild products, while Walmart only has a select few of these Wet n' Wild Wild Shine polish's.

Any other Canadian chicks think we should start a petition to get Pure Ice brand of polish's up here......?????? I am surprised that the Bari line of cosmetics is not available in Canada yet.♥

another sun pic


Indoor flourescent


Kae said...

I love this color on you! The name suits it very well :)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Kae - this is worth having = = = = .99 cents USD

Saori said...

I used this one yesterday, it was my first Wet n wild (rarely in france)and I love this color :)
But I didn't take the purple :( !!!!

Anlina S. said...

I would love to see more brands available in Canada. I was pretty excited to see that Superstore now carries Milani (though I haven't bought any yet.)

I haven't been to all the Zellers in Winnipeg yet, but none of the ones I have been have the huge WnW display that has all their different lines. Most just have the same sized display that Walmarts have. I should do some calling around...