Wednesday, April 21, 2010


 The "F" stands for franken

So I picked up 3 of these boxes of polish at Dollar-rama Dollar store in my town a few weeks ago. I figured that if the colours were not good, I would franken them or dump the polish and start over. This weekend I read on MUA and Franknenerdery, that she washed these bottles out with soap and water and whipped up a whole bunch of awesome frankens....... So it is a water soluable nail polish which means that I wouldnt have to dump out all the polish and then use acetone to get the rest of the polish out. Yippee

The colours that are available with these sets ( there are 3 different coloured sets at my dollarrama)  DO NOT DRY they are like white school glue, I guess they are supposed to be non-toxic and for kids....

So I immediately tried this, I dumped out as much as I could and then washed it out with warm water = it came out super-duper easy! You bet I ran over to the dollarrama and bought like 10 more boxes.....I would have bought more but I want to be sure that they all work out as good as the first one. I think they have a decent brush, and the size is just perfect = and they are SQUARE too! I made my wet and wild frankens in these cut lil bottles.

I am beyond happy that I have discovered this - and I do want to be sure that I write that I am thankful for everyone sharing their photos and such - I know I get all sappy and sentimental but this is the sorta thing that means alot to me. When people are sharing their ideas and experiences and the things they have learned...... It's just really nice to see. I hope people are learning from me too♥

anyhoo- I have like 40 mini bottles of nail polish to dispose of, so have a lovely evening♥

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Recalcitrant Nails said...

What a fabulous find! I can't wait to see your frankens.