Saturday, April 10, 2010

♥ Wet n' Wild - 'Sunny Side Up' ♥

Above - Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up, two coats applied over 2 coats of a stark white polish. I am actually wearing a Top Coat, but needed to buff out a tonne of dust that magically landed on my nails. I made  the mistake of painting my nails on a widow-sill with the window open, I never imagined that I would collect as much bits of.... of ..... whatever those are on my wet polish. After 2 days of blinding orangeness - I disguised the flaws with some diagonal nail art.

This polish Sunny Side Up; is not as bright without a base of a stark white polish like I have used here.  It was a huge pain in the bunz to wait for all these coats of polish to dry, but I ended up wearing Sunny Side Up for 2 whole days without any other embellishment even with the bits of dust sealed into my nails!

When I was ready to add something to this bright polish I did things a little different this time. when I applied the Nailene French Tip Pen in Black to my nails, I waited until it was dry, then with the nail tip guides still affixed to my nails, I applied the Nailene Top Coat. This helped keep a crisp strait line ( exception ~ my  INDEX! ugh ) and as always, prevented my top coat from picking up any of the black color and getting it onto the orange polish.

I couldn't find a pic of the new packaging and I tossed mine already...... this photo is form the walmart site.

 Below -from the nailene Bedazzle Superstar Nail art Stickers

I fudged up my INDEX finger royally, but it's Saturday and I am a lazy girl so I stuck on one of the
beautiful butterfly's that came in the Nailene Bedazzle Superstar nail art stickers. I was hording them since I bought that package, but at walmart today I found some MORE very pretty butterfly nail stickers from Fing'rs .... so I wont be stingy with them.

I just found these at walmart today - they are sooooo cute! Why haven't I seen these before?

Anyhoo - here are a few photos of Wet n' Wild 'Sunny Side Up' and some simple easy nail art I did. I think this orange color on it's own is fabulous, but I wanted to see how bright I could get it with the base of white polish. It's pretty bright IRL, and although I love it as it is, I think this needs 3 coats to even it out, I used 2, blah, blah, blah......

apply STRAIGHT french tip nail guides diagonally across nail. This is one of my favirote nail tip styles..... it's easy and fast, and forgiving, even if the angle is not right it looks good.

this is 1 coat of Nailene Black French tip Pen, I think I did a god job knocking it out in 1 coat. I applied  T.C. over this, while I still had the nail tip guides in place, I think This helped in keeping a crisp straight line. I did not wait for my INDEX nail to dry thoroughly, and so I fudged up the line -and- put a finger print on the wet polish, I hid that with a pretty butterfly nail sticker.
Ta-Da, I think it's leaning towards Halloween-ish but I really, really needed some black on my nails. I have been on a pastel and brights kick for the last few days and need to get back to some rich vampy shades.


Unknown said...

Its really pretty and I love those stickers. Don't know why I keep passing sunny side up. I should have taken advantage when they were on sale buy one get one free:)

Recalcitrant Nails said...

I am loving that look! And thank you so much for showing how you do it. I never knew? Much appreciated and I look forward to learning more. :)

Angie | said...

i have this one! i like how you brightened them up with lighter base coat. i really like the lighter tangerine colour better than its original ORANGE orange.

Musicalhouses said...

Great nail skills as usual! And I love how beautifully your gap is done! :)

I've given you a blogger award too :)

AnNeTtEe said...

hi!!! just droppin by to let u know that I looooove your blog & with that being said, I gave u an award.. it's waiting for u on my blog... come check it out when u get the chance!... thanks!!

AnNeTtEe said...

hi!!! just droppin by to let u know that I looooove your blog & with that being said, I gave u an award.. it's waiting for u on my blog... come check it out when u get the chance!... thanks!!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

rmcandlelight - This is soooooo worth it! I cant bleive I found those pretty butterflies at Walmart!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes - Thanks I strive to do and show simple easy nail art.

Angie - A white base on polish's like this makes a huuuuuuuge difference. You should try it!

Musicalhouses - Thanks! and thanks for the award

AnNeTtEe - Thanks I love doing this & wish I had ore time to add more stuff. Thanks for the award!