Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From Cuticle Crisis to Cuticle Care

 These are ( 1/2 of ) my nail board things.....
They were super fun to make & took a long time ~  I'm very happy with them
 I couldn't have a post with out a photo - I will do a post on these soon

I have read a few blogs recently with people in cuticle crisis, and have been wanting to do a post about it.

Here are a few things I do and some thoughts on the subject.

Here is the gist of this long *ss post........

♥ NO Cuticle Remover - apply blob of lotion to soften this area ( keep reading for more info on this )
♥ NO Cuticle cutting
♥ Lotion Lotion Lotion
♥ barrier cream to cuticle area AFTER lotion
♥ Use a non-dryng soap  (♥♥♥ or try to ♥♥♥)
♥ Dry hands thoroughly after washing
♥ Apply moisturizer to hands, BEFORE polish Removal
♥ Apply a good barrier cream or moisturizer to cuticle area before painting
♥ Do the lotion and glove thing overnight - you cont need fancy gloves, $1 store gloves are fine
♥ Look in the mirror every morning, and hold your hands out in front of you, with your nails facing the mirror, and say 3 times, "You're beautiful, You're amazing.... You're a Star"

Okay ~ I don't do all these things all the time, ( except the last one, that I do EVERY DAY ) but I definitely never ever use cuticle remover, and I never cut anything. I get a hangnail on my ring fingers ( BOTH!) in fall time, when that happens I just add a dab of nail glue to it, and if I have to i snip it off I do with a sharp pair of nail scissors then add a dab nail glue to it( seriously ). I have enough cuts on my hands due to my activities and clumsiness, the dread and memory of that kind of pain of cut cuticles and hangnails keeps me in line!

Firstly, cuticle remover..... what does this stuff do exactly? I know I bought some a long, long time ago, but I did not find that it did anything amazing, how is it removing your cuticles? these are questions you need to ask yourself if you use this product.

If you apply a blob of moisturizer along your nail bed, cuticles and the sides of your nails and leave it there for five minutes, the tough skin that is attached to your actual nail, will become pliable and moveable, you will be able to scrape and push away any skin with an orangewood stick or any other impliment.

I personally have not used cuticle remover creams or gels in a long time. If it is necessary, I will just slap on a  blob of any type of lotion, and allow it to sit on my nail bed and cuticles to soften the skin in this area, then gently push and move the dried layer of skin. I hardle ever do this, though. I think i lucked out by having healthy cuticles. But more than luck is I take time to take care of my cuticle everyday

 I think that with all the cooties and germs out there in the world, cuticle cutting would just be a big NO. If you have a painful hangnail, maybe snipping it off with a tiny sharp pair of manicure scissors would be ideal, then slapping on either nail glue or any another water resistant glue ( i do this all the time for small surface scratches = which i have alot of ) Cutting your cuticle will create way more problems then it will solve. I cant say I have seen any pair of hands that were so hideous I would  recommend cuticle cutting -  I think devoting time to applying good moisturizer or barrier creme to the cuticle area, will be much better in the long run then cutting the cuticle area.

If you feel that your cuticles are unruly and a horrific sight - you will likely not do any one thing today, and devote 5 minutes to it and then wake up tomorrow with super-model cuticles, sorry - it will take a while and bit more effort than that.

I am extremely interested to hear what ratio of people who use cuticle remover creams or gels, who also have alot of hang nails and cuticle problems. My belief is that these creams and gels are a mild acid, eating away at your skin, nothing good will come of that, and I would strongly encourage anyone using these products to find other ways to deal with their cuticles.

I would label myself with sensitive / dry skin, I have used some soaps that are sooooo drying, I have to wonder what is in them. If you wash your hands a thousand times a day, like me; then it's a good idea to invest in a good quality of soap. I also very rarely let my hands air dry, I try to dry them properly, and apply lotion if possible and when necessary.

I use a plain lotion from the grocery store - St Ives... something something. Nothing fancy. I think the fact that I use it often, and not the type it is =  is what is important.

Before I remove my polish I try to apply moistureizer to my hands and nail area, it makes removal a little more goo-ey-er, but this helps to prevent the drying out of my fingertips and cuticles. I sometimes where a latex glove on the other hand ( the one i am not removing polish from )

Before I apply polish, I make sure to apply Avon Moisture Therapy hand creme with a tiny brush, to the skin surrounding my nails, and take time to get it along my cuticles and under my nail tips along the free edge - a little overkill~ but I usually do an acetone clean up before I take photos, this helps me get rid of any polish mistakes alot easier, and the Avon Moisture Therapy hand creme acts as a protective barrier so the acetone doesn't sink in and dry out my cuticles and the skin around my nails.

When I apply lotion to my hands, I make sure to pack the lotion into my cuticle area, along the sides of my nail bed and try to do this often. Sometimes, I apply lotion and wear gloves over night~ Just cheap gloves from the dollarama, I have a few pairs and don't think there is anything magical about those 'moisturizing ' gloves I have seen around.

 Whew - I think thats it for now, I am sure I have a few more things to add.......


ABOP Laquerlove said...

I love your nail board! Are your swatch tips removable or permanently fixed in place? I want to be able to display mine as well, but need to be able to move them around for comparison as well...

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

They are glued on with hot glue from the glue gun, I will do up a post tomorrow♥

Zizi said...

I love the board... :)

Jamie K. said...

thank you for following my blog :)
and i love the nail board too!!! so many colours and varieties!!!! :D

Audrey said...

This was a great post - I thought I was the only one fanatical about my cuticles. My routine is very similar to yours and I have just recently started applying a cuticle cream prior to np removal and painting and have noticed a difference. Great minds think alike!! :-)

Taki J said...

That board is magnificent. Thanks for the tips on cuticle care and treatment. I try to moisturize as much as I can and still have these darn hangnails.

AnNeTtEe said...

wow!! nail board heaven!!! **drools**... it's amazing how much you have!! I love it!!! thanks for this post... it's very helpful... what is a cuticle barrier though?? sorry! I'm clueless when it comes to nails, I am very new to nail addiction... LOL... I do use a cuticle remover though, but it's actually not a gel nor a cream... it's in liquid form with baby pink color... I got it from the Philippines so this is probably a lot different from what you get here in the US.. it seems very gentle & I don't detect any harsh chemical ingredient in it... I'm actually very fond of it.. it works really good... it removes remaining base coat or nail polish stuck on the side of my nails... & also if you soak the nails with it, it softens the cuticles, which will then be easier to push with a metal pusher or stick... I don't use it all the time though... only for maintenance.. where do you get your nail board thingies?? I've been wanting to ask you about those... =) thanks again for sharing this... I love your blog!!!

Michelle said...

I love the board! Now I want to create on myself haha.

Thanks for the tips, very useful!

Eva said...

the nail board is gorgeous :) ty for the tip about reminding ourselves that were beautiful i'm gunna add that to my morning routine.

Tiana said...

Wooooow impresive! :D

Nail Talez said...

I definitely need some cuticle work. Thanks! I'm having a giveaway if you're interested!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Another Bottle of Polish - thanks, no those are stuck on 4 life. I have seen some people make their nail swatches on Popsicle sticks, thats pretty cool. I hope to make enough of these that I will be able to make multiple swatches to compare each other to.....

♥ Rose Barbie - Thanks!

♥ Jamie K - Thanks they were fun to paint

♥ Taki J - hope my cuticle care info helps everyone.

♥ AnNeTtEe - Thanks 'Barrier' creme is a type of lotion like is used for babies..... you can buy this at drug stores and pharmacies. The one I use is from AVon and 2 times a year it goes on sale for .99 cents. I have had that for like 4 years.

♥ Michelle - Thanks - Its nice to have these things to decide what colour to paint my nails.

♥ Eva - thanks, I always thought I had ugly hands now I am a semi-professional hand model.

♥ Tiana - Thanks!

♥ Nikki Warner - Thanks, moisturizing often is the key♥