Saturday, August 15, 2009


EDIT: When it comes to containers for pigment, you should try to buy ones that close properly and don't leak.....I bought these ones for beads and jewelery findings ~ these would not workout for things like pigments and minerals samples. You really need a good container to store minerals& pigments & such. these need alot of work to close properly and have popped open on me..l.. which is fine because I bought them for my jewelery goodies.

WOW = these storage containers were $2.00 Canadian at DOLLAR-RAMA, I was just looking at some of these containers at Micheal's Craft Store and they were unrealistically priced( $20.00 plus ). The top containers of these stacks do not have lids but whatever.... They were only $2.00I just needed conatiners to put all my beads & stuff in, and then one area for those beads to be in..... so I am happy!


Anonymous said...

I had seen those recently as well, but wasn't sure how the screw tops of the containers were (if they were good enough to use, sometimes they tend to be wonky)...
but now I've found someone who has them :P
So are they really alright? Cause I do agree, these types of things are over priced at other stores.
Maybe I should just jump and buy it anyway :P

Paige said...

Isn't the dollar store fantastic?

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Oh I need this for all my pigment samples. Haven't seen it at my Dollarama though :-)