Wednesday, August 18, 2010

♥ frankens and layering ♥

2 coats of Wet n' Wild Blue Moon
2 coats of Love my Nials Crystal
2 coats of my Jelly Franken that I made with Claire's Matte Cobalt and a clear polish

2 coats of Wet n' Wild Blue Moon
2 coats of Love my Nails Crystal

I made a really neat 'Gif' of the above two photos HERE,

However I could not get them to be the exact same size, I want to try and make 'Gif' of duo-chrome finish polish's and glitter polish's. I have seen this on an older abandoned blog and think it's really cool.

The next two photos are 3 coats of the jelly franken I made using Claire's Matte Cobalt and a clear polish.

Indoor fluorescent

Love my nails crystal was sort of blobbed on, then I had to fish out some of the large hexagon glitter to fill up he empty spaces. I love the colour and the way the tiny teal glitters look in this Love My Nails polish. The Brand LOve My Nails have some beautiful looking polish's and I am always surprised that they are not on blogs more often, they smell a little funkier than most brands but they are in-expensive and I think very pretty.

 I have tried to make jelly polish's before, but they never turned out right. If you are trying to make a sheer or jelly-ish polish like this I recommend using a matte shade, something with n shimmer, and no white. Claire's Matte Cobalt is just a straight up blue. there is no shimmer, and no white in it.  I wanted to make this for a future nail look and just decided to try it out over these 4 polish's...looks pretty cool to me♥

Below - L to R - Mucho Glitter, Claire's Chunky Silver, Claire's Chunky Gold, Love my Nails Crystal

Claire's Chunky Gold is YELLOW... that is not gold. I passed on all the other Claire's chunky glitters and just bought these two a few months ago. i think they are a fun polish but I wish there was alot more of the bigger hexagon glitters

On my pinky and Ring finger is a franken i made by mixing Claire's Chunky Gold, Claire's Chunky Silver, Love My Nails Crystal and a little Claire's Matte Cobalt. I also added about 1/4 teaspoon of a teal dollar store glitter.

clockwise starting from my thumb

Love my Nails Crystal - 2 ish coats
Claire's Chunky Gold - 2 coats
Claire's Chunky Silver - 2 coats
Mucho Glitter - 2 coats
Mucho Glitter - 2 coats

After 2 coats of my Jelly Franken that I made with Claire's Matte Cobalt

with Flash

And here is a few photos of Wet n' Wild Blue Moon. This is just a lovely polish and the subtle teal shimmer is very nice. This is the base  I used for these glitter skittles


Johanna (Paillette) said...



amusedPolish said...

I love it- it looks a lot like deborah lippmans lady sings the blues and all without the heavy price tag :D

Danielle said...

very nice, reminds of of across the universe but with little to no green. very pretty :)

Michelle said...

Like the others said, it does look a bit like AtU! :-) I love the Frankening you've done here!

You nailed it! said...

makes me think of a Deborah Lippmann polish!

Supersparklekitty said...

Wow,it does look a bit like Deborah Lippmann,with all that hexagonal glitter,which I love!

Luxus Hayat said...

wooow , so sweet !!

Laynie said...

This frankening is fantastic! I also love doing animated gifs for my interesting polishes. It helps to take the photos at the same time, from different angles. Then if you pull them into photoshop, you can line them up, then crop out the background so they don't jump as much.

Like this:

As for the polishes, you've got some seriously gorgeous stuff going there. It really does remind me of the Deborah Lippmann polishes that go for $18-20! Great creativity!

Laynie said...

Eww, my picture didn't show up, apparently. Silly comment boxes! You can see it here, though!

Frankenstyna said...

Nice! The added jelly layer gives the glitter such nice depth!! I need to try this!!

Unknown said...

I like this look a lot! :)

Amabile said...

Great work, surely Lippmann-look-alikes :-) I have been planning to do something similar, I'm only wondering where to get a good base. I don't have many yellys, if any :-(

hiitscaila said...

Absolutely amazing! I'm fascinated with your franken!!

Lucy said...

Just a beautiful manicure. I've always loved your frankens. It really does look like Lady Sings the Blues! I should know since I bought the 3 polish collection. I love navy polishes! They just look so rich and beautiful. Glad I found your blog again. I was getting so behind in all of the blogs. I have some that I read and comment on all the time. I just added you to my list of Favorites. I've always enjoyed your posts and beautiful large photos.

shortwidenails said...

who needs lippmanns across the universe when I have your recipe?

now I think you need to make it in lots of different colors. droolz.

Isabel said...

difficult to choose one, all are beautiful

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Thanks for the lovely comments everyone... this was a fun 'look' to do, and all five of these polish's came off perfectly with my regular nail polish remover, Sally Hansen Maximum Strength in the regular formula ( purple bottle )

♥ Paliette - Thank you!

♥ amusedPolish, it did sorta turn out like that, I'm just missing turquoise hex glitter. BUT, I actually like this alot better becuase I can still really see the holo under the blue jelly.

♥ Danielle, Thanks! this was easy to do.

♥ Michelle - Thanks, I want to make up a few more jelly like polish's like the blue one for future look like this.

♥ you nailed it - thanks!

♥ Starlight - Thanks!

♥ Luxus Hayet - Thanks!

♥ Laynie - Thank you I loooooove making frankens and thank you for the info and links on how to make the gifs.

♥ Frankstyna - Thank you - that jelly polish did give it alot of depth I cant wait to try it over some other glitter polish's I have.

♥ Jackie S. - Thank you!

♥ Amabile - Just add a rich colour to a lot of clear, the colour you use must not be a pastel or have any white in it or any other shimmery bits.

♥ Hiitscalia - Thanks, I cut myself staring at this a little longer than usual.

♥ Lucy - LUCY? where have you been? Hope all is well and you are still having fun reading blogs♥♥♥ Take care♥

♥ ShortwideNails - Thanks! I will be doing this is lots of different colours and I plan on making alot more 'jelly' polishs with the different Claire's Matte polish's I got on the dollar shelf this summer♥

♥ Locas por Konad - Thanks these were alot of fun to do.