Thursday, January 14, 2010

♥ Some new goodies & OMG are they discontinuing these.....noooooo!

Some bargain goodies I came across this weekend. I am on a 'Low-Buy' at this time, and I try to only snag things that are on sale.

left to right-
Sally Hansen 'Bamboo Shoot'
Sally Hansen Take-Off Teal
Sally Hansen Coral Pink ( seen here )

Also, Ummmmm... Are they discontinuing these? I hope not - because I loooove these body sprays,   I found this on clearance so I snapped it up -These are my favirote types of fragrance at the moment, Calgon body sprays.....


2 NYC polish's These are awesome!!!!





Paige said...

Nice haul!!!

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Calgon is changing their packaging, so the old stuff might be cleared out. Don't think they are going anywhere :-)

G. said...

As Halifax said, Calgon is definitely rebranding the line this year and also releasing new products (I just posted about it yesterday!) and they've added some new scents. BUT, I think that Orange Pop might be going bye-bye because it is not in the new product image that I got from their rep. You can see the full image on my blog, here:

Hope that helps! :)

elashaw said...

I don't think they are... the majority of my aunts love 'morning glory' as their every day scent, and went crazy when they couldn't find any!!! they were really happy when the new look came out and behold, lovely new morning glory appeared on the shelves! only thing is they cost so much more it seems!!! i was a nut for hawiian ginger scent when i was in high school

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ GildedAngel - Thanks! I love bargains.

♥ Halifax - Whew, I love these body mists, thank goodness.

♥ Recessionista! - Thanks, I checked out your post & the photo, I will have to stock up on a few of those.

♥ elashaw - I love morning glory too. When they repackage things they usually jack up the price = not fair!

Jennifer K. said...

Nice haul.

Could you swatch Bamboo Shoot? I've been looking for it everywhere (and almost debating getting in online because I can't find it in the real world) but I've never seen really clear swatches of it. So, that would awesome :D