Monday, January 4, 2010

♥ Glittered Up Toronto Blue Polish ♥


A broken promise - never to put treats & chocolates on my blog - but this polish is a perfect replica of Lindt LINDOR Chocolates, the yummy blue one.... I had a super hard time trying to find something to compare this polish too.... I am finding that candy wrappers and such are great props as well as color co-ordination for obscure weird polish's.

I Love This Blue...

- stuff I used -

  • 'M' Color Cosmetic # 06 = 2 coats
  • Nailene T.C. = 1 coat
  • apply Nailene Perfect Tips & Toes Diagonally
  • Sponged on Gold Foil to tips
  • 'OUZEYA' Gold Glitter Nail Polish = 2 coats
  • Gently press Holo Hex Glitter into wet glitter polish
  • 2 coats of T.C.

This Blue has me mesmerized. It has a more Sapphire cast to it that the camera is not picking up. I hope to find a polish just like it in a non-stinky formula. The Billie 'Gold' that I sponged onto the tips of my nails totally disappeared, it turned a teal color after I applied the gold glitter - not a good sign...... This Gold glitter from my Toronto haul, was also very stinky. I had hoped to have a less obvious distinction between the Gold glitter and the rest of my blue nails = that the glitter would fade into the blue a little better... oh well, something to work on for next time♥




rijaH said...

That mani looks greaaat :D I really love it :)

Paige said...

Looks awesome!

Unknown said...

Wow! Does anyone in the whole world love blue more than you do? I don't think so. As pretty and delectable as ever!

amusedPolish said...

I love Lindt Chocolate :D

I also love the way you always come up with great ways of doing Nail Art

Never Enough Nails said...

OMG This post combines my two favorite things, chocolate and polish! I LOVE this color!

We <3 your blog! Come check us out, we're polish fanatics too!

Charis said...

OMG I almost, love, loooove this Mani, the blue has me totally mesmerized!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ RijaH - Thanks!

♥ gildedangl - Thanks!

♥ Ja - I do love these blue polish's.

♥ amusedPolish - Thanks! I am addicted to these dark chocolates!

♥ Never Enough Nails - Thanks!

♥ Charis- Ha-ha, It is mesmerizing, I wish I could have gotten some outdoor photos, too

Angie | said...

this is the bluest blue!