Thursday, September 10, 2009

Billie - 'Electric Purple' & L.A. Colors 'Lollipop' = T.O.T.M-W.


3 coats = Billie 'Electric Purple
2 coats = L.A. Colors 'Lollipop'
1 coat = China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

Instead of applying 4 coats of the very pretty L.A. Colors Lollipop - I have layered it over Billie Electric Purple' and am happy to say that 5 coats of polish, plus 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward dried pretty fast.... Sine this is my first time using L.A. Colors, I am impressed and hope that the other 2 L.A. Colors polish I picked up on my North Dakota U.S.A. haul will dry just as fast alone & with C.G. Fast Forward. This is a sheer polish - it is not as streaky in real-life as it is in these photos.....weird.

At the end of my post is photos of my toez without the 'Lollipop'..... Just 3 coats of Billie Electric Purple, and no top coat. These Electric Shimmers for Billie Cosmetics are a Satin /Matte Finish ( and dry super-duper fast ) The L.A. Colors is very pretty - but sheer and I did not want to apply like, 4 or more coats so I layered it over the Billie 'Electric Purple'. Also I have included and adorable mini dish drainer rack photos from Canadian Tire ( a automotive/home store in Canada )

~ Shade w/ Flash ~

~ Shade w/ Flash ~

~ Evening Sun ~

~ Shade ~

~ Cuuuuuute Mini dish drainer rack @ Canadian Tire Store ~

~ If this came in black i would totally buy it.....~
~ I don't know what for... but it is adorable!!!♥ ~

= Below =

~ Shade w/Flash~

~Basecoat & 3 coats of 'Electric Purple' ~
~no topcoat (Satin Finish )~
~ Shade NO Flash ~
~ Shade w/Flash (again) ~


Paige said...

That is a really pretty combo; you are so brave to put up pics of your feet, I hate mine!

Lucy said...

Pretty pedicure! I like both shades of polish. You never know where you can find supplies for crafts and nails & makeup. I'm sure you'll find a good use for it.