Friday, May 15, 2009

~♥~ - Awesome Idea - ~♥~

Check this out, This is rad!

"xsparkage" has an awesome blog and has many, many great videos on you tube...... I thought about trying this but never did,..... now I will for sure!

This is a link to an awesome tip, and that I am not encouraging readers to Bedazzle their Vaseline containers...Putting a bit of Vaseline around your cuticles helps to prevent polish form adhering to your cuticles and saves a clean up form a messy paint job.

UPDATE; Instead of Vaseline I am using Avon Moisture Therapy and applying it with a tiny brush.


Anonymous said...

omg that looks well cool lol xxx

Lucy said...

That's a great idea if you really like glitz. I guess when it's empty you just keep refilling. Love xsparkage she is gorgeous and knowledgeable.