Thursday, March 3, 2016

Crackle Layering with N.Y.C. polish's

2 coats of NYC High Line Green, I totally trashed this before I had a chance to do the nail art I wanted so Crackle nail polish to the rescue. I added a coat of a sheer green polish over top of the white crackle. I was never a huge fan of crackle nail polish & think I only have 3 different colors......

The outcome of layering a sheer polish was a pleasant surprise and I am kind of embarrassed that I never thought to layer sheer polish over a crackle before - It looks pretty cool!

smears, bubbles and dents this mani was f'd - but it was easy to fix with crackle nail polish
 I have a better photo of this somewhere......

 stuff I used;  N.Y.C High Line Green, Bonita white crackle and N.Y.C. Luxury lime Creme

Bonita white crackle

 with/without N.Y.C. Luxury Lime Creme ( it is NOT creme lol )

On half my thumb, I did a thin coat, the other half was a thick coat

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