Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2 fun green looks

Putting these hexagon glitter on my ring nails did not take as long as I thought it would. For my ring nails I added a coat of clear polish over a dark green polish and used big hexagon glitters that I found at Walmart.  on the rest of my nails I used the hexagon glitters to make a 4 leaf clover shape.  I added a thick coat of TC to my ring nails, and clear to the rest of my nails.

I tried every way imaginable to take a photo of these nails, but the lights kept reflecting of the glitter and I could not take a decent photo.

2 coats of Icing Manic Monday with hexagon Glitters from walmart

Whenever I try and do a mixed nail art I never really love it. I like uniformity and I am OK with 1 accent nail. It looks so good on everybody else in all the photos I see = but when I try it I don't think it turns out that great.

For this Mani I used Klean Color military green, a no name gold and then a gold glitter polish from my MOM, along with some nail art pieces and ballz.

 On my ring nail is the green, then I painted a coat of the gold glitter &sprinkled on some medium sized hex glitters for a glitter gradient my ring nail is a full on cavalcade of gold glitter. My thumb and middle nail I used some nail art pieces and some little gold balls and my index nail is a gold/green gradient.

Again when I tried to take photos of this one the camera kept catching the gold hearts and messed up the photos. I have to do a mani like this again but with some girly colours in the future,

 I have had these gold hearts forever and am trying to make good use of them


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