Saturday, March 5, 2016

another salvaged mani with crackle

I added a thin coat of black crackle over a nail fail - then a coat of a sheer shimmery polish. The bright green base was taking way too long to dry, and needed way more coats then I had the patience to apply. I think this turned out really nice. Normally when nail art isn't' working out I just sponge on glitter to my nail tips and call it a day.The next time a mani doesn't work out I will be reaching for a crackle and a sheer cover instead.

usually I research my own blog to see when was the last time I wore a polish, how it applied etc, below is a photo with 5 coats (my mani today is 2) I totally forgot that his was sooooo sheer and needs a million coats ( and dried slow, too )

this is an older photo 5 COATS!!! hope I remember that next time I think of wearing this

stuff i used  Avon electric green, Adene crackle and old skool Maybelline lime spritzer

thin coat diagonally across nails

2 coats & I quit 

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