Sunday, June 17, 2012

Girly Diagional

 Whew - I was away longer than I wanted to be ~ I have many, many hours of blog reading to catch up on!

Todays nails are NYC Downtown, Manhatten and the new sparkle top coat called Big City Dazzle. The formula, application and the glitter ratio was perfect -a little grainey- and dried fast like all the In a New York Minute polish's I have.

At Walmart in canada ( the only place I can purchase NYC Nailpolish in my town right now ) the In a new York Minute polish's are $1.50 each, and the Long wearing Nail Enamel are $1.00, I love these polish's, most of them are careful 2 coaters and they are in-expensive!!!!!

Here is my OBLIGATORY N.Y.C. polish spam post, Next time I hit up Walmart I will try to pick up a few more colours that I dont have. Some of the newer pinks and reds caught my eye..............

Indoor flourescent

 stuff I used NYC Downtown, Manhatten and Big City Sparkle

2 coats of each polish here..... I LOVE HOW FAST THSES DRY!!!!!!

NYC In a Ney York Minute Downtown - 3 coats ( from a previous mani )

 here is 1 coat of NYC Downtown

 Downtown                                                                       Manhatten

 ..... and how I did this, I bought this tape at the office supply store for my jewelery making

.....and 1 more photo


Stephanie said...

love this :)

Angeles said...

Love this combo. Downtown is a gorgeous color!

Unknown said...

Simple yet it looks elegant! I ♥ glitters! :)
A new nail blogger and your newest follower here! :) Hoping you could drop by my blog.

Thank you! :)