Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nubbins! a blingy purple mani

Here's something you wont see from me often = nubbins!

The base of this mani is Sally Hansen Naturistics Deep Purple, followed by a coat of Claire's Hollywood which I added a few drops of Claire's Magic to, then I added 2 coats of  blurple glitter from Icing.

The holographic glitter in Claire's Hollywood makes my photos fuzzy. I took a little break form artifical nails this week & needed to have somthing blingy on my nails.  Surprisingly this was very eay to remove with my regular NPR.

un-named Icing glitter

 Super Chrome Deep Purple.... this is a lovley purple chrome  ( discontinued )



KimsKie's Nails said...

Love your natural nails! ♥

Wickless and Polished said...

I love purples! Gorgeous swatches :-)

Natalie said...

ITA with KimsKie's Nails.Your nubbins are pretty.And so is the polish.

aoana said...

great colors

kellie said...

I love these colors! And I prefer your natural nails! But, I don't like artificial ones in general - so, it's not personal. :)