Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Girly-Girl mani - ELF Royal Purple & WnW hanna PinkTanna.......

The last time I wore ELF Royal Purple was 2 years ago?  - NO WAY!  ( yes way )I loved this colour so much at the time, I can't believe this is the first time I have pulled it out to wear in 2 years. I think this kind of magenta/purple is the epitome of a girly-girl colour.

Hanna PinkTanna, and it's twin bro polish Blue Wants to be a Millionaire have micro holographic glitter in a jelly base. I looooooooove those two polish's! The both have just a hint of colour and have covered evenly every time I have worn them.

I added the LA Colors metallic pink stripe diagonally freehand - I am impressed with the coverage and opacity of the metallic LA Colors stripe polish's I have acquired recently.

ELF Royal Purple from a previous mani; 3 coats w/ 2 coats of TC

stuff I used; ELF royal Purple, LA Colors metallic Pink and WnW Hanna PinkTanna



Ami said...

This is very pretty. I really like these colors together.

♥beauxs mom said...

Looks beautiful I love it.

LittleBitColor said...

The ELF color for the base is soooo lovely!!!! <3

Kay said...

Very elegant!

Ally-Rosexox said...

Wow! Love these!!!! xxx