Saturday, November 19, 2011

make your own nail stickers/decals?

So the whole point of trying this dry-water marbling was to do just that - water marble without the mess. but I find that drag marbling is much easier to do. I still plan on messing around with dry water marbling when I have time tomorrow - but for today here is a very pretty drag marble nail decal nail art.

Even though I can do pretty drag marbles like this and other swirly nail looks on my non dominant hand - I find that they just are not as pretty as my model hand - and I always need crazy thick amounts of polish to get everything to blend properly. This is going to be a good way to ensure that my right hand and my model hand, and my other hand, have equally pretty nail art.

If you have looked over the posts from Enamel Girl and checked the link to CND's Butterfly effect nail decal, then you will have much better instructions then I have time to write. Also the dry water marble tutorial from More Nail Polish is really well explained.

I have found that the best way to apply this to my nails is to cut it out as close as possible to the shape of my nail. I tried to just apply a section of this to my nail and it did not turn out well - so I will definitly be cutting the decals to the shape of my nail, then applying. (but the other day when I tried it turned out fine ?)

I licked my finger tip and gently pressed the nail decal into my tacky nail polish base. I needed 2 thick coats of top coat to smooth everything out.

I wasnt really paying attention to the time it took to do this, but if I can create customized nail art designs, and have them handy to apply to all my nails in under 10 minutes then I will count this as a success.This will take some experimenting to perfect. I am not sure how long pre-made nail decals will last after I do the design and let it dry, I made this one 2 days ago and it was still pliable as I kept it in a sealed zip lock bag.

 Its kinda looks like the surface of Mars........ just purple and blue, not red and sand coloured.......

below - I used a sharpie marker to write ON THE WRONG side of my plastic to denote the width I needed for my various sized nails, then added 2 thick stripes of each polish in between the lines I drew with the sharpie. I used my dotting tool to drag both colours into each other.

The polish decal below is enough for both hands. I painted my nails with NYC Prince Street.

Below; I had cut a big piece and placed it on my nail - I would recommend not doing this and instead cutting it to fit the shape of your nail. I applied this to tacky - not wet - nail polish.

oh boy this looks bad - it turned out waaaaaaay better when I did this the other day -  TC did hide some of the wrinkles and puckering ......and bubbles.

below, a base of NYC Prince street - nail decal on my middle finger with 1 coat of top coat, and my index  nail decal with 2 coats of Top Coat

here I have cut the polish to fit my nail ( I cut it too small lol )

 NYC Prince Street and NYC West Village

 below - index and middle nail have 2 coats of TC, the rest of my nails are just the nail decals.

with 2 coats of TC


LadyLuck said...

great idea! thanks!

Kay said...

I have tried making polish stickers & they never worked. This looks so ethereal! You did a great job!

KarenD said...

Very interesting & helpful post--I've not seen this technique before!

Polish and Charms said...

Those look pretty good!

Kelly said...

Very cool idea!