Saturday, October 1, 2011


Earlier in the month I went down to the USA for my annual cross border polish shopping. I got to spend good quality time with my mom and Aunts, we didnt stuff our faces like usual and we all found some great bargains. I had a really nice time just hanging out with them at the hotel, and all the mcDonalds coffee I had was really good, too.

Onto the shopping !!! Oh Dollar Tree - I love you more than the Dollar Rama - but not more then my favorite dollar store in my town ( Looney - Twoons dollar store ). Every time I go to the USA  - I buy the most stuff and my favorite things are from the Dollar Tree. I did find that Kmart had some great deals on make-up and polish - I found the 2 Insta Dri's I was looking for ( Coco a-Go-Go and Bronze Ablaze ) I wasnt sure if they were coming to Canada so I figured I should grab them when I saw them.....

So this is a haul post - Its Friday night ATM and I am ready to hop into bed with a big bowl of chips to watch a movie- If I dont get up early to correct spelling grammer and add proper names to this post - Sorry!!!

 Check out these awesome cheetah nails from the Dollar Tree!

holographic cheetah print - yeaaaaaaaah!

soooo pretty - I love the white base on these

I picked up a few sets of these nail polish's from the Dollar Tree - they are made by Markwins which also makes Wet n Wild Products. I struggle with bottle handles like these...... but I hope to mess around and make some cool frankens. There is a very nice fleck in the apricot and rose coloured polish's

these have no names...... lets give them names!!!!

I also found some double packs of NYC Long Wearing Polish.... If you dont already know about the magesty of NYC Love letters there is a photo below - ( these are .99 cents at Target!!!! )

L-R Love Letters, Scandelous Blue Glitter, Glitzy Grape Glitter

here it is layered over..... something. NYC Love Letters walmart/Traget USA = 99 Cents!

 I have already swatched the pretty purple on the right, These Nail Fetish polish's came with nail stickers or a nail file. I left behind quite a few shades, a gold, shimmery black and a darker vampy purple.

L-R Babe, Clash, Scorpion, Tank Top

See - the Dollar Tree is where its at! The local store I buy by LA Colors polish from charges 4 bucks each for these Nail Art Polish's.

I will likely do a whole post on all my stripe polish. I do not find any different in quality among all the brands I have tried. Does anyone else?

.... and I picked up a few glittery color Craze polish's as well. I have duped myself as I now have these 5 polish's below in stripe polish above LOL!

I took these out of the package without recording their names..... I'll have to hit up the LA Colors website for the proper names.

and a visit to Kmart proved successful. I love Kmart. We used to have them in Canada but when Walmart came that is who they bought out and took over the stores. Below is Coco A-Go-Go and Bronze Ablaze.

I happened to walk by the nail art section( even though technically I am not allowed to buy any more stickers/ nail art items till 2012) and found these on sale for $3.99 = okay; these are $10.99 or more in Canada. Is there some reason that Kiss products are double or triple compared to USA prices? Anyhoo - I had just seen the most fabulous dot manicure on ABOP and snagged these to copy..... for 1/3 of the cost in Canada, grrrrrrr.

I knew that Sinful Colors were on sale for .99 cents at Walgreens in the USA thanks to Nouvea Cheap who lovingly keeps North America posted as to what sales are going down in American stores, but I was pleasantly surprised that Wet n Wild Fast Dry polish was also .99 cents so I couldn't pass that up either! 2 of these I had already.... the ones I passed on were dupes of polish's I had already.

I'm soooooooo lazy - do I really have to name these?

And the Sinful Color polish's I was looking forward to finding at Walgreens I love the form ula on the creme polish's. I can always count on 2 to 3 coats with Sinful Colours.

Happy Ending, Cream Pink, Nirvana, Fly Away, & NYC In a New York Minute Backstage Brown from Kmart

Unicorn, Savage, Rich in Heart, Innocent, I Miss You


Carina Joana said...

So many *.* i love them!

Erika said...

Suuuure... Come down here and buy up all of our polishes. ;) lol (Just joshing with you. :D)

That is a great haul. And there are a couple of Sinfuls in that bunch that I don't have, yet. Time for a trip to Walgreen's, methinks.

I have looked and looked for Love Letters in my area and it isn't to be found. *sigh*

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Unless there is another new bunch of Insta-Dri, I saw a display at Shoppers (which I thought has the 2 shades you got)

Kay said...

Great Haul! And if you want to compare lazy: if LA Colors won't put the name on the bottles, or even the package, I'm not going to hunt for it online. ;p

Can't wait to see what you come up with all your new colors!

Maria said...

damm what a haul!!! i love all these!!

Alex said...

Such an awesome haul!!! I want to come over and play!! I can't wait for swatches.


Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

I'm so jealous!

Danielle said...

great haul! I love going bargain shopping across the border :)

Nail Designs xox said...

What gorgeous manicures!!

And wow thats a great haul!! lol

Courtney Graham Hipp said...

The green Wet 'n Wild Fastdry color in the first set is called "Sage in the City" (nvm that it's not sage-colored in the least). Last week I wore it under two light coats of Sinful Colors' "Call You Later" and it looked great. Enjoy your new colors!

Bárbara said...

Did you said 0.99cents? Really?
Oh-My-God! SinfulColors are sold here in Portugal for 6 Euros!


I just found your blog, Have been browsing for a while! Loved it, gonna follow!

Anonymous said...

I almost cried the day I realized Dollar Tree sells LA Color stripers for a dollar. Happiness is an understatement.