Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New blogs and a silver glitter mani

Todays mani is 2 coats of Wet n Wild Fast Dry - Silvivor, followed by LA Colors Nail Art Ice Breaker applied over entire nail with that tiny, skinny brush, then a coat of LA Colors Color Craze Sparkling Diamonds. NO TC!

  Here are a few blogs people submitted, then a few I found during the week. For some reason ( again ) blogger will not let me add new blogs to my blog roll, or do a bunch of other stuff, so before I pull my hair out I will quit for the evening and try again tomorrow. In the meantime - please check out these links to some new blogs!

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diavas lacquer box

 2 coats of Wet n Wild Fast Dry Silvivor 

 Stuff I used......
Wet n Wild Silvivor,  LA Colors Nail Art polish Ice Breaker, LA Colors Color Craze Sparkling Diamonds

Left; 1 coat LA Colors Color Craze Sparkling Diamonds
Right: LA Colors Ice Breaker stripe applied over entire nail

I was hoping the color craze polish would have much more hex glitter, so I was a little dis-appointed to  find that the hex glitter was pretty sparse. So I whipped out the stripe polish and used that instead.... I added a coat of Sparkling Diamonds over the stripe polish just in case it was too lumpy = but it was surprisingly smoothe.

indoor flourescent




Elizedge said...

this is amazing, I'm just cringing at the thought of cleanup! hehe

Gottwinkies said...

OMG, that is BLINGTASTIC!!! But what a flipping pain to apply the striper to the whole nail....all 10!! WOW, though!

Leanne said...

Looove the silver nails! You should check out my blog :) I'm Canadian too :P

barliny said...

lovely mani, I love silver glittler, and what you did look awesome :3

Minnie said...

This is fantastic combination of polishes!! Love it so much~;D

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I love your combinations, you really have an eye for which colors to mix together. I wish I had as well... ;-)

Martensgirl said...

Hi Deez

I love your mani's- so creative! I wish I had your steady hand, good taste and the cool polishes you get in Canada. All these blogs get me lusting after polishes that are very difficult to get hold of or too pricey in the UK!

If you have a minute, I'd be grateful if you add me to your bloglist- I'm new to this so there's not too much to see at the mo. Ta!

Ami said...

This is so beautiful.. perfect for the holidays!

Shally said...

Love the silver nails! I am not sure how you found my blog to list on your new blog list but I appreciate it. :)

Nails of polish said...

Hii love your nail designs and polishes!

My blog is in your list. only i've changed my name from funkymonkeynails to nailsofpolish.

Hope you can change it.
And keep up your beautiful work i really like it

Let's polish some nails said...

These are very beautiful :)

Bookworm Nails said...

I love the silver on silver design :) The base color I might have to get, it's so sleek!

Thank you for listing my blog, however you found it (or whoever submitted it)! It's an honor.