Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Blogs & NYC Bakcstage Brown, Color Workshop "Pink"

 its a bright shiny copper - not brown

This is one of the three new NYC polish's from their newest limited edition collection. Backstage Brown is a lovely copper shade, like a brand new penny; so I am not sure why they are calling it Backstage Brown. This was 3 coats - it dries fast and was easy to apply - N.Y.C. polish's are always a dependable polish for me.

Sorry I am late in adding this list of new blogs. I am addicted to another forum-type website that starts with an 'R' that I would never introduce you to because it is addictive and the biggest time sucker behind nail polish blogs.

I drove myself bonkers trying to figure out how to change some blogs that are saved as 'RSS feeds' and to have them appear in proper order on my blogroll..... Here are a few new blogs ~




 nevorpurify's nail art

 oh me oh my oh me 


 im obsessed with nails 

 lauras lacquers 


 gold specknails 

 Backstage Brown.... I guess 'Backstage Copper' would'nt be as catchy

and this is a lovely pink shimmery-flecky polish from the Color Workshop that I found at the Dollar Tree in the USA -

I call this hand model pose 'The Lextard'

Even though I despise these big clunky polish caps, there are many beautiul nail polish's in bottles like these, and quite a few companies are using them..... so I better get used to it! I did'nt like the Sally Hansen X-treme wear polish caps when they first came out either...... but I managed.

All three of these polish's from The Color Workshop were sheer, the rose/pink colour and the apricot colour have a lovly shimmery fleck, though it looks like a foil finish in the photo above - I think these are too sheer to be called a foil finish polish. I snagged a few packages of these for franken bases...... @ .33 cents each - I should have bought more ( how many times have I written that/ said that in my life? )

 ..... and I added a coat of Hanna Pinktanna, a holographic micro glitter in a pink jelly base.

a fuzzy picture to show off that holo glitter ( no TC )



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