Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a fabulous franken - 'Diversity' with comparison

I made this franken polish with a base of Clear polish and added some black, I added an unknown amount (sorry ) of an older eye-shadow called Soft Fern from Loreal. Check out the original post HERE ( I don't forget about my frankens!!!!!!!!!!1 )

and here is the original franken I named Olive Drab - which is the same eye-shadow but only with clear polish, adding black to the mix made a big difference both in colour and application.


Since I am watching Anchorman, I will call this franken Diversity. This is 3 coats with 1 coat of my clear polish - which is reserved for frankens ONLY - followed by a coat of Nailene Top Coat. I stretched this mani

I added 2 coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Coral Amber, and a coat of TC


......and here is a comparison to Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches. My franken has much less shimmer, it's a tougher more rugged polish compared to the Nina polish. (lol) I like the finish that eye-shadow frankens have, sometimes they require more care and speed in their application but they seem more dense and are often a more pigmented polish.

Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches

Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches, 3 thin coats. My franken is my Middle nail, second from the top at 3 coats  & all my nails have TC. Obviously there is a substantial difference but both are pretty! The Nina polish has much more shimmer and is totally a different colour.

L - Franken, R- Mossy Britches


Swååfie said...

It's a very nice franken :D
(I have to say I'm a regular follower, but usually don't comment but...) I have to ask.. How did you make the eye shadow 'mix in' with the polish? I've done several frankens with eye shadows, but it's like it doesn't really mix well.. I have been sure to use other than clear polish so that there would be some suspension to help with the proces.. What am I doing wrong? haha

Cali369 said...

Wow, the black made such a difference. Great franken

Queen of crap said...

Love the colour! Seems to me that these eyeshadow polishes may be good for stamping, no?

Liane said...

Your franken is gorgeous! I'm really loving that green.

Crystal said...

Beautiful franken. Very pretty color in general, soothing.

Lucy said...

Gorgeous shade of olive drab. One of my favorite shades of green. I must try this.