Monday, February 28, 2011

2 pretty polish finish's that look good in dim lighting

I love how the light from the TV bounces of my nails when I am wearing chrome polish's. This is 2 coats of an older dis-continued Sally Hansen Chrome polish called SAPPHIRE which is a lite baby blue chrome. It is super reflective - I love these chrome polish's as 'underwear' for layering. I have amassed quite a collection and can usually match a similar chrome polish to layer over if I need to.

I applied some french tip guides and added a coat of  TURQUOISE (middle bottle) which is almost the same shade as the Pure Ice blue glitter I added over the tips, \strapless which is a dense medium blue glitter. Even though this polish is packed with glitter and could be opaque in 3 coats, I applied 2 coats over a polish with a similar colour just so there wasn't any sparse areas.

I have used these same 3 polish's for another mani HERE

L-R = SH Sapphire, SH Turquoise, Pure Ice Strapless

.... and a mani with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, layered over NYC Skin Tight Denim

I started with 2 thin coats of NYC Skin Tight Denim {or STD lol} and added a thick coat of hidden Treasure, followed by a coat of  Nailene TC. I have only worn Hidden Treasure once on my nails and once on my toes..... I waited and waited for this to come to my town and I rarely ever wear it.

My previous manicure photos of this polish are the most 'used' and re-posted of all my photos. Here is a link to that post, just in case you are interested in seeing it Layered over black. I appreciate polish's with finish's that are very apparent in crappy lighting like duo-chromes, and multi- chromatic polish's, as well as basic chromes like the blue Sally Hansen chrome make-up polish in the mani above.

I think I did a great job of getting all the colours in this photo below. This is outdoors under the patio.


Also I totally have to note =   I wrote last summer I predicted that their would be a readily and widely available multi-chromatic flakey polish available in North America in stores by fall 2010 and I was wrong. I was right about the matte-madness of summer/fall 2010 though....... Does anyone else find it bizarre that there is 6 extremely close dupes of the Charla/Teal of Fortune/Jesses' Girl Glee {and the other 4} but so few good DENSE flakies out there? And also why isn't there a real linear Holographic polish in current collections from SH, Wet n Wild or other dept store brand names?

anyhoo... here is a few more photos of Hidden treasure layered over NYC STD

in low/dim lighting, the multi-chromatic flakes really do their job

w/ NYC Skin Tight Denim


Silence is Loud said...

i love all the manis!!! >.<

Nice to meet you~

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I need that SH Hidden Treasures.

Mason K. said...

do you know where to find the sally hansen hidden treasures??

Lucy said...

Love the Chrome polishes. I have a few of them. I like how you made two different manicures with them. Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure is really gorgeous on most everything.

paint that nail said...

I love the Sally Hansen hidden treasures!! It kind of looks like oil spills, like on the concrete!

finished10dnails said...

I totally agree with your comments about flakie polishes and linear holographic polishes!

Sure do enjoy your manicures!!

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

That Hidden Treasure from Sally Hansen is AWESOME! Love it over the dark colors.

Kenzie said...

I wish i could find Hidden Treasure! Love it so much