Wednesday, October 28, 2009


 I think with a little more practice this would look cool. I didn't put alot of love into this nail art, because I doubt I would wear this out of the house...... I will definitely work on my fang placement for the future. All photos are in fluorescent lighting.

For these vampire fangs I used;

♦ Billie White as the base =2 coats
♦Sally Hansen 'Raven' = 2 THIN coats
♦Billie 'Claret' for the .....dripping blood




Paige said...

I think that looks really cool! You are so creative!

Lucy said...

You really amaze me with the designs you come up with. Fantastic looking manicure.

Jodes said...

Oooo that's creepy. I really love the effect. I will be trying your dripping blood ones tomorrow. I'm sure mine won't be as good as yours but I will give it a go!


Maestra said...

OMG, your creepy manicures are great!!! You should totally enter our contest: