Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mysterious Billie polish

~ the best pic i can do for now ~

A little commentary......

So this mysterious BILLIE Brand of nail polish, is made specifically for "Bargain and discount shops", as soon as I tried one of the metallic's 2 years ago when I moved to this town, "I was like whoa, what is this stuff?". So I looked all over the internet and finally I just looked up this, Williams Direct Marketing , which is a company out of Scarborough Ontario, Canada. I have sent these products away for further testing an analysis by a pro { :o) }


I had made sure to take pictures of the back of the labels for people to read the ingredients, and such, and the name of the Company too. If you look at the website, there is only color names, and no pictures... which is weird because there used to be pictures, they also have alot of cool nail accessories and such....stickers, false nails, I bought one of there pressed powders, and that was decent, I was surprised, and their lip gloss is pretty nice too. I will post a pic soon of that. I usually run over to that store twice a week, just to see what sorts of goodies they get in there, ( yeah right, more like 4 times a week !!!) and I get soo giddy when I see that they have some new beauty/nail goodies.


There is another Canadian blogger who said that she just bought 4 of these, but did not mention the colors she found yet. I have added all my Billie polishes to my - to swatch list - on the side-bar of my blog, with a picture of all my collection of goodies soon to follow.I am a curious girl, and so I look EVERYTHING up. I have upcoming posts of "polish's round the world", "bargain polishes and other stuff that is actually pretty good", and my "round the house organization that works for me and may be helpful and inspiring to you", " awesome nail related thing I have found on the internet" and of course more frankens, hauls ( ? ) and swatches.


I have been a busy girl lately, I have alot of cool posts to add, done some neat 'round the house projects when I find time, and use my mellow-relaxation time to read, everyone =EVERYONE's blogs. I am fixated on blogs......I read my favorite blogs when there is a new post before the news in the morning. I always despised magazines, print ads and company's with promises..... I like the real life opinion. The real facts and peoples experience.

So hopefully this will help people with an interest in this product. I cannot vouch for the ingredients in this product, as I have not looked the ingredients all up yet, but it i made in the U.S.A, and is distributed by a Canadian Company, and sold at a shop run by and independent business woman. At the end of the month, I plan on putting an add in my local classifieds , in hopes I can get my greedy paws on some colors I do not have yet, or even better some doubles of the ones I do have.


Velvet said...

Hello! I'm looking forward to your up coming posts! The Bllie Lime green is so vibrant! Wow, great information about this,"Billie" brand of polish. How nice of you to organize your color swatches! I've had the same problem when searching for a color. On the "major" nail blogs. I was just wondering myself about getting organized. Hmmm... you've got me contemplating it!

Brooke said...

lol - I caught your little comment :)

Lucy said...

Great things to look forward to. I love reading about organizational tips. Can't wait for all of your posts.