Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a nubbin's sponge mani and new blogs

 I have been wearing the pretty sponge mani for 2 days = these are my nubbin-ized real nails

whoa - i have been busy. I thought for sure that July 2011 would be the month that I posted every day - but I have been making good use of the lovely weather we are having, speeding time outdoors and whipping up jewelery, so my blog...... and my nails have been neglected!

Today's post are of my real short nails. I made sure to paint them one of my favirote colours and incorporate glitter as well. This week I have some fun sewing projects and re-upholstery projects lined up - so it will be no artificial nails for me until I finish all my projects.

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stuff i used; Billie Cosmetics Aqua, icing Roger That, and LA Colors teal Glitter

I started off with this; Billie Cosmetics Aqua.

then sponged on Icing Roger that, and added LA Colors Teal glitter all over my nails. I waited till it was dry then added 2 coats of TC. I did some yard work sewing and dishes and my nail polish did not chip because I used a base coat!

indoor florescent



Olivia C. said...

Cute! I like your natural nails, too! For me that would be the perfect length. Good post!

Hannah J said...


Anonymous said...

I love this!!! I was going to try a sponge mani tonight!!!! Thank you for mentioning my blog!!!!

Nicole said...

I LOVE this on you and your natural nails are adorable, I like the length and the shape! :)

Anonymous said...

I just <3 your sponge manis! I wish I were good with that. Every time I try it comes out a disaster. Either I mess it up and its chunky and wont dry, or I pick colours that don't go together.

Erika said...

Your mani is pretty and your nubbins are so cute.


cathryn said...

wear your nubbins loud and proud!! (= theyre beautiful!

Minnie said...

Wow! The sponging effect looks amazing:D Thank you very much for listing my blog~<3

Anonymous said...

I love the glittery gradient effect! The colour on Billie Aqua polish is beautiful. Thank you for the shoutout on your post as well :D

Unknown said...

Pretty :)
Love the gradient of the glitter~

Stopdidine said...

i love gradient effect :)

Anonymous said...

wow that's gorgeous

Kayleigh said...

Like your choice of colours for this gradient! It gives a cool summer feel ^^

Hlopushka said...

Love the color combination:). I think you "real" short nails are fine. I actually like it that way more.

Em said...

Thanks for posting up the link to my blog!! I'd wondered why my traffic had jumped up!!

PS Loving this mani!!

Unknown said...

I love when you do these posts with new bloggers I always save them then go back and read/add everyone :)

nice mani too btw

shel xx

Girly Bits said...

Wow this is beautiful. Good job!
Pam @


♥ Sarah Claire ♥ said...

Hey thanks for the mention :)